Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a wonderful, safe and happy New Year in 2013.

It's nearly 10-00pm as I'm typing this.   I'm watching the Edinburgh Military Tattoo on tv - followed by Last Night of the Proms - my standard new Year's Eve viewing!!  Laura hasn't stopped moaning about it!

I'm actually going to sew this year - shock, horror, gasp!  
Thomas (my oldest son) has come over tonight with some mending to do - that's just not exciting!
Neale, my husband, has finally given up the dining table - he commandeered it several years ago when he started his Masters degree.  He got the degree and then promptly undertook another Masters degree! Now, he's cleaned it off and said I can have it - my sewing machines are being set up tomorrow.
I nearly scored a bedroom to use - Hadden (19 year old son) was planning on moving out into a flat-but he's changed his mind and has bought a new car instead.

I've given in - last night of the Proms is off and we're now watching Harry Potter - Laura is happy!  Looks like we're starting from the first film too!

Love Jen

Tuesday, 25 December 2012


It's true!!

Photo: i 'borrowed' this from the Friends of the Library page. It is so true!
Unbelievable, I didn't receive a book at all this Christmas!
Neale is still a little shirty about the huge book he gave me for Christmas years ago (over 1000 pages long) and I turned to him  on Boxing Day and told him that it was a very good book as I read the last words!

Happy Reading!


Merry Christmas

 Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas celebration.

It's 5.30pm as I'm typing this.
Presents have been opened and lunch eaten.  We're now all just sitting around and resting.
I've been awake since 5-00am, I swear that I'm worse than my kids!! Mind you, the youngest is nearly 17 an the oldest 2 no longer live at home.
I'm not cooking tea tonight - If any of my family are still hungry, they can help themselves to whatever they can find in the fridge and or cupboards.  Am hoping that the dishwashing fairy find it's way to my pile of dishes - I cooked, so I figure that the rest of my crew can do the washing up!

Love Jen

Monday, 10 December 2012

Spotlight is Closing!


It has just been announced in the local  paper that Morwell Spotlight is closing down - so not happy.  The shop has been in Morwell for 29 years and is only 10 mins away from Churchill where I live and is so convenient.
Admittedly, it will be reopening in Traralgon in February - but it will be no longer a quick trip into town as Traralgon is further away - about 25 mins away and i hate going there!  ( yes, I know - first world problems and in reality, 25 minutes is not that bad and it could have been worse!)
No longer will I be able to quickly visit after work, I'll  have to mount an expedition on a weekend.
The closing down sale started today - will have to visit to see if I can pick up a bargain
 or two!


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I Went to Melbourne

Neale and I went to Melbourne last night by train (It's a 2 hour train trip) - I took today off work and we spent today wandering the streets. It's been over 2 years since I've been to Melbourne

After we had booked into the hotel (The Victoria on Little Collins St) we walked the Crown Casino.  It was a lovely night for walking.  We had tea in one of the many restaurants there.  We wondered through the casino - but I don't see the sense of it (mindless gambling) and it was sooo hot in there.
Neale calls me a wuss for not going to the Eureka Tower and experiencing the Skydeck - maybe next time we go to Melbourne?
Today Neale went to a couple of art galleries in Fitzroy, - one of his friends has her work being exhibited and one of Neale's images is in another exhibition. I decided to spend the time shopping in and around the CBD
I bought myself some clothes - would you believe from Target?  I go to Melbourne and get clothes from the same shop we have back home in Morwell!  Actually, they didn't have my size locally, so I'm happy. I bought 2 skirts and a pair of capri pants.
I was starting to get a little intimidated with clothes shopping - lots of shops and lots of gorgeous clothes and styles, but being  a larger size I'm very self conscious.
I wandered through Cleggs on Elizabeth St. and  saw some absolutely beautiful fabrics (with equally adorable prices!) I saw some gorgeous ponte knit - much nicer and more colours available than what there is in Spotlight locally.
Waltzed through Lincraft on Collins St - but didn't buy anything.  I have bags and boxes of fabrics at home that I should use at least several metres of that  - before buying more!

Decided to get a cartilage piercing done and wondered how long it would take Laura to notice it when I got back home - all of 30 mins!!  I've now got a slightly tender ear and an approx. 8 week healing time.

Found a cheap bookshop with most books priced at $5 each.  I bought 2 books there - so I'm all set for reading material this week - and not to mention I've still got 55 books unread on my Ipad!

We certainly got our exercise with all the walking we did today.  Decided to catch the 3.30pm train home as we were both feeling rather tired which was a good decision.
We should sleep well tonight!

Nighty night - have just looked at the clock and realised that I'll be getting up again in just over 6 hours!

Totally Random Musings

I've got new glasses.  They took a little getting used to as they have multifocal lenses - but heavens, I can see clearer and better than before.  Hip pocket is still recovering from the pain of the cost of them though!

I have come to the sad realisation, that I am now the shortest in my family by 5cm or so - When did Laura get taller than me??

We're getting a new manager at work - he starts next Monday, but will have 4 days training in our Melbourne head office before he starts with us in Gippsland.  Unfortunately, our 2 part time employes will be made redundant in 2 weeks time.  Not good for them and a very increased workload for the 2 contract managers - and me!

Neale & I went out for tea last Sat. night at Qu Bah in Morwell.  Followed by the 8.30 session of "Skyfall"  the latest James Bond film.  Had a lovely meal and we both enjoed the film.

Neale turns 50 on Tuesday.  He tells me all the best things are turning 50 - Dr Who, James Bond, Rolling Stones etc!  We're taking the family out to tea at Qu Bah.  When you're onto a good thing - stick with it!

More patterns are coming my way - I tell you, it's an illness.  Neale is promising to clean up the kitchen table (full of his computers and stuff for his studies) in time for Christmas.  I'm laying claim to it after that - I need to sew.

At work last Friday, we neglected to lock up properly the back portion of our complex (major oops).  Would not have been too much of a problem, but Luigi (the goat) managed to get in through some broken corrugated (plastic?) sheeting at the back door - and spent the weekend inside our tearoom and laundry.  Oh what a mess he made - the floor was covered in his droppings, he ate all the apples on the bench - helped himself to the grain, chomped through some paperwork and then managed to shut himself in the laundry.  It's still a little stinky in there!

Have started walking again in the mornings - not too sure I'm really thrilled with getting up just before 5.30 am though

I love the music featured in the above promo for "Downton Abbey".  It's "She Wolf" by David Guetta and Sia.
Am looking forward to seeing more of  "Downton Abbey" - I've seen the first season, but watching it on commercial tv drove me nuts with all the commercial breaks. I'm hoping to buy the dvd shortly.


Monday, 24 September 2012

Back to Work.

I've recovered from tonsillitis,  so it was back to work this morning - after I had been cleared by the Doctor.
Will admit that I wanted a longer than 2 week break from work - but that was not quite how I envisioned spending my time. Truly a cruddy and painful week/time. Thankfully, I only get tonsillitis every couple of years.
Neale looked after me most excellently though..
 I have another appt with Dr Mundae next week - my blood pressure was still high, so he was going to up my medication - until I said I wasn't taking any, so have been prescribed another hypertensive and will get checked again next week to see how I'm going with that one.  Fun - not!

Unfortunately, last week turned rotten for the family - my BIL, after not being in contact with my FIL on Thursday at all and unable to be contacted, Neale went around to his flat and broke in - to discover that he had passed away.  So, so sad, as Rod was only 61 - so lots of arrangements have been made and still to be made.  The funeral is on Wednesday, so I've got another couple of days off work this week.

STRATFORD, Rodney (Rod;
Stratty) Raymond.
Passed away peacefully at home, on 20 September, 2012.
Aged 61 years
Much loved son of Alf and Shirley (dec). Loved brother of Rose-Marie (dec), and Neale, brother-in-law of Jenny. Uncle of Thomas, Morgan, Hadden and Laura.
Forever in our thoughts
Reunited with his Mum

Those horrible people at BMV got me again last week - in my sleep deprived, drugged out brain I managed to nearly clean up my ''wishlist'' and have 15 more patterns on their way to me.  According to the tracking no. several days ago they were in Chicago!

Work wise - they saved me heaps to do/sort out.  First thing tomorrow, I've got to get a payroll done and all the invoicing that goes with it and then will sort out the debtor's reports - aarrgghh!

Finally finished watching season 1 of Mad Men - actually, I stated from the start again and watched the whole season in one go.  It was very good.

Time for bed - 6-40am comes around all too soon.


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I'm so sick.

I have tonsillitis and am so not happy.
Needless to say, i haven't gone back to work!
I started feeling ill on Sunday night and Neale ended up taking me to the emergency dept at the hospital in the early  hours of Monday morning.  No waiting at the hospial - straight in-very impressed. I was released at 8-30am with a handful of drugs and after blood work said that i had a bacterial  infection they thought it might've been flu at first but no, it was tonsillitis.  My throat s so sore and on  fire - with killer headaches. And temperature has been going up and down.  Can't eat, can't sleep, so tired and so very sore and in so much pain -  would count this as one of the worst attacks i have ever had.  Neale has stayed home from work to look after me and has done an excellent job.  I have an appointment to see my doctor  tomorrow afternoon and i'm going to request tobe given Thurs and Fri off work as i can't handle the thought of work at the moment and don't think i'll be well enough.


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Procrastination -

thy name is Jenny!!

I admit it. I'm the world's worst procrastinator!!!
I have sewn - a button on a shirt.  Yay me - but not much else is happening!

I've become Laura's taxi service (Laura is my 16 year old daughter).  Yesterday it was a trip to Traralgon to buy art supplies from Officeworks.  Tonight I need to run her into work - she works at Morwell McDonalds and works until 10-45 pm. After dropping her off at work I've got to go to Parent/Teacher interviews at her high school.

I've spent the morning shopping - scored a cappuccino with my Father - My brothers and sisters know if we want a coffee - just find the parents at morning tea time at the shopping centre (works a treat!)
He and a whole group of cronies meet up (probably daily) for coffee at Midvalley. It's a very social thing they've got going on.   Mum had gone to her line dancing class so she wasn't there today.

I didn't buy too much - had warned Neale I was going to spend a fortune - but our account is safe.  I bought a couple of pairs  of earrings, a necklace and a new handbag.  Sanity prevailed and I cancelled the layby I put on the the other week.  Have no chance of losing that amount of weight to be able to wear the clothes I had had put away.  I tried on  a heap today, but nothing really appealed/fitted etc which was pretty disappointing. 
Went bra shopping also - joy of joys!  That was a failed undertaking.  Tried on so many, but couldn't get the fitting and style correct. Yes, I am in the wrong size - the band needs to go up at least 1 size and the cup, well that needs to increase as well.  The lingerie shop is ordering in some more sizes of one style for me to try - but they won't be in stock for about a month.

I had intended to go to the sewing group meeting that Janine had told me about last weekend - so much for good intentions.  I got tied up with family commitments on Saturday and not to mention that the weather was pretty atrocious ( I don't like driving in bad weather at any time) and Sunday I was sick with a blinding headache that wouldn't quit.  Hopefully, I can get to the next one.

Jenny S.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Where to start?

Let me start by saying - I love being on holidays!!! I'm not missing work - but they're missing me so I've been told.  Only 1 phonecall so far.

I like the fact that I'm not having to rush out the door just after 8-00am to get to work - but still have to get up early to get Laura to school on time - boy, can that girl drag the chain!  It was even earlier this morning as she had to get to the train station in Morwell early as she has a school trip to Melbourne.  Must remember to pick her up at 5.30pm. (yes I forgot to pick her up the other week - she was not too impressed!)

I've been reading - heaps.  Going to work really cut into my reading time - so I'm making up for it now. It was not unheard of me to read upwards of  3 books a day at one stage (sometimes more!) - now it takes me a day or so to read one! Downloading books to my Ipad is just too convenient and too easy though.

Watching dvds.. I decided to re-watch Battlestar Galactica - one of my favourites, am watching the 3rd season now!

I've washed about 9 lengths of material that I've bought, I've bought some more sewing supplies, I've catalogued patterns (photocopied both sides of the pattern envelope and stored them in a binder) and that's as far as it's got - so far. I've got my eye on another length of material I saw when I as in Spotlight earlier this week - so I'll probably get that and some lining fabric to match when I go back into Morwell later this afternoon.  It's payday today for Neale - we're rich for the day!

McCalls 5978 (OOP) is the first pattern I plan to make up.  I've got a remnant of a houndstooth  knit I bought from Spotlight for about $1-00 some time ago and hope that it's enough for this cardigan.  My sewing machine and overlocker are already threaded with black thread also - bonus!
I've got a thing for cardigans - they're so versatile.

I've started knitting myself a scarf/wrap - I so liked the one that  from Carolyn blogged about a couple of months ago.  I bought myself some chenille wool and started knitting.  Well I haven't knitted anything for years - and I was never very proficient either. I'm not happy with the tension I've got and will up the needle size - again! I've dropped a pile of stitches - not unless I counted wrong,  so I'll start again.  Hopefully, I can learn to count in the meantime!


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Friday On My Mind

Two more days of work until I'm on holidays....

I'm holidaying in sunny Churchill - maybe not so sunny as I've seen the weather forecast for the next few days and it's going to be cutting up pretty rough. Oh well.

Those people at Club BMV got me again in their latest sale last week - I've got another 18 patterns winging their way to me.  They're not all for me though as I've bought a handful for my son Morgan's girlfriend Emma,  for her birthday in November.

Am planning to sew whilst I'm off - trying to work out what to sew first.  Decisions, Decisions! Am going to make Neale's day when I touch/move his school stuff on the kitchen table to give me some sewing room.

I've got some summer gear on layby - 2 pairs of coloured jeans, a pair of shorts, a knee length chino skirt and a cropped denim jacket.  I'm never ready to buy clothes until virtually the end of the season, so this year I'm preparing early.  The upside is they are all size 18, downsize is - I'm not!!!!  Have never done that before, so it's pretty much an incentive to re-lose the weight - again!   That 6 kg I lost at the start of the year, found me over winter when I turned slothful and gave up the daily walking.

Jen S.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Counting down to ...

I'm counting down to holidays!!!  Time off work and I can't wait.

I've put in for he first 2 weeks of September - 14 days of work to go!!
For the past 2 years I've only taken leave in 1 week blocks - being considerate of my fellow employees with them not having to deal with too much of my work (reception/administration/debt collection/payroll/laundry/goat feeding and wrangling - just to name a few duties!) Unfortunately, 1 week off is just not enough so I'm going for the 2 this time  - I'll still have about 8 days in reserve.
Haven't got anything planned as such - cleaning as usual, cooking some great meals - maybe a day trip to Melbourne. Sewing?  I say that every holiday and hopefully I'll get something done at last.
Neale had suggested that we go away for a week or so to Tasmania at the start of this year - but that's not happening now.  He's been offered a chance to study for 4 -5 weeks at the Monash campus in Italy about this time next year - in time for the Venice Biennale (sp?)  We won't know for some time if he's selected - but he'll need to save his holidays up for that if he's chosen - so he'll get paid as per normal whilst away.

Have been buying heaps of patterns - I had 3 parcels in July from BMV.  I see the word SALE and I'm theirs!  Look, there might be a pattern drought in years to come - so I'm preparing.  Yes, I know I could draft a pattern myself, but that's beside the point!
I have actually bought several lengths of material from Spotlight these past couple of weeks - more sales.  I bought 3 metres of a fur I've had my eye on for months and managed to get it for $50-00.  Bargain!

My oldest baby (Thomas) is turning 24 on Saturday - oh wow!  He's going to be in Melbourne for the weekend - "Manifest" (anime  convention?) is on and apparently it's very important.  He's coming around on the Monday after he gets back home

Janine from (Interrupted Sutures) has just let me know about a local sewing group which sounds really interesting - and motivating.

We have experienced a couple of decent sized earthquakes in the past 2 months.  The first one in June measured 5.3 on the Richter scale with the epicentre about 20 kms from us.  Lots of noise  and shaking etc - I first thought we had a huge truck going past the house - then a helicopter was landing on the roof!!.  There was another quake last month measuring about 4.3 with the epicentre at the same spot or so.  No damage to the house etc , but I do know that one of my workmates, her house in Traralgon was damaged and she is now having to deal with the insurance company - they're requesting proof that there was an earthquake!!

Jenny S

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Totally Random Musings

More random musings from me  - in no particular order!

Still no sewing - this is the longest I've ever gone without sewing.

Phone call from Spotlight the other day that a pattern I wanted in April had come in - must be a Simplicity pattern (when it was on sale) as I buy all my other patterns from BMV.  No doubt I'll have to pay full price for this one!  I'll go in later today and pick it up.

I turned 46 in April - aarrgghh!  Had a lovely day and was thoroughly spoiled by Neale and the kids.

Weight loss/diet????  That all seems to have fallen by the wayside as soon as the weather turned yucky.
Although, this past week has been absolutely glorious - albeit cold.

Football is on today - I'm not a fan.  Why oh why did I buy a house directly opposite the local football oval???

It normally takes me approx 8 mins to drive to work.  Tuesday 2 weeks ago it took 1 hour.  Major flooding in the state after wild weather Monday night had cut off 2 roads from Churchill to Morwell.  Did I take it as a sign to stay home for the day???  No, I got out on the 4th back road I tried  - IDIOT!!!  Managed to make it home safely - left early though just to make sure.

No 3 son Hadden, turned 19 in may.  We all went out to tea at a Chinese Restaurant in Morwell and had a lovely meal.  Hadden is considering moving out - when he's saved some more money.  Neale and I have plans for the spare bedroom!  Hadden works full time (night shift) at Maccas.

Churchill Pizza make the best pizza - expensive, but the best!!  Actually, their pizza is reasonably priced - about $27 for 2 family pizzas - expensive comes into it for me as the pizza we had from 3 weeks ago has cost me $600-00.  I broke a tooth, which needed major restoration work.  Of course the dentist did a checkup, noticed a dark spot, whipped out an xray and said that that tooth needed repairing also.  Had the 2nd tooth done Thursday night after work - major restoration on that one too and Dr Caprara then says he hope that it lasts!  He hopes???  Apparently it's very close to needing a root canal.  So for not quite 2 hours work I'm $600 poorer - it takes me 38 hours to earn that kind of money !!!!

It's been a rotten long week at work - mind you that Monday was a public Holiday for the Queen's Birthday also - 4 days of problems!  Our Manager is on sick leave and will be until probably mid next month.  Melbourne head office, seems to think that 3 of us can run the whole office ourselves with no help at all.  I'm sure that none of them have looked at a map of Victoria and seen just  how big the Gippsland region actually is!

My Mum turned 70 last week.  We had a family celebration at a local restaurant  - 33of us!  It was great to catch up with all my brothers and sisters , their families and a couple of the aunts and uncles also. Mum had a good time.  One of my sister's had ordered a cake, so that was made short work of.

I bought myself a black 'boyfriend' style cardigan last night whilst out shopping - I have a thing for cardigans! (I've also got 3 on Layby!)  and also a grey boucle short jacket.   I'd just told Neale how I should have bought last week when I saw it a white/grey leopard fur coat when I saw it - and now the sizes they have left are too small. He said if you see something 'buy it straight away"  none of this dilly dallying etc.  So I did.  I've stil got the fur jacket on my mind and am now considering a drive to the next store down the raod - about 40 mins away, to see if they still have one in stock!

Neale and I celebrated our 26th Wedding Anniversary on 10th May.  We've been together as a couple for nearly 30 years.  Oh my!

Jen S.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


They shall not grow old,
as we that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them,
nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun
and in the morning

We will remember them.

Lest we Forget.

Friday, 13 April 2012

R.I.P Shirley Dawn Stratford 2/1/1929 - 6/4/2012

STRATFORD, Shirley Dawn (Shirl). Passed away peacefully on 6 April, 2012, aged 83 years. Loved and loving wife of Alf for over 53 years. Much loved mother and mother-in-law of Rod, Rosemarie (dec), Neale and Jenny. Adored Nanna to Thomas, Morgan, Hadden and Laura.
At Rest

 It's hard to believe that it's now been a week since my dear Mother-in-law passed away. We're all just so numb. The funeral was yesterday and was such a tough day and we're all so tired and feeling drained emotionally. I've had the last three days off work for which I'm grateful for.


Friday, 30 March 2012

Totally Random Musings

 Friday - I've been waiting for Friday to come all week - nothing like wishing the time away!  Work has been pretty quiet all week.  Am so looking forward to the public holidays at Easter.

Daylight Savings finishes tomorrow- must remember to turn my clocks back.  Neale's looking forward to that as he hates daylight savings - but I really  like it.  I really don't like coming hoe from work at 5-00pm when it's already pitch back - admittedly, that won't be for some weeks yet, but still!

Neale has now sold 7 works of art - he's thrilled.

Hadden (19 year old son) had a run to Krispy Kreme at Fountain Gate tonight.  Thank heavens he's home early - but he came home with 4 boxes of donuts. Good grief, who is going to eat all of them?  Last time he went a couple of weeks ago, I had a rotten night, couldn't sleep etc - he finally got home at 2-30am. Talk about worried!

I got breathalysed  tonight coming home.  I passed!! Needed a couple of attempts at it - kept running out of breath and not to mention doing it wrong the first time!!   I'm sure the policeman thought he might have had another candidate for the booze bus!

Drinking some sparkling wine at the moment - Yellowglen Pink.  Needless to say, I'm not going anywhere else tonight!

Neale's Mum (she's 83) is in hospital at the moment, she's been in there for 2 weeks now and has pneumonia.  We're all desperately worried as she is so sick.  Tonight, I think she's looked the best that I've seen her.  She needs a procedure done  in Melbourne and will be transferred as soon as a bed is available.

Have been so tired this past week - so totally no exercise since last week.  Sensible eating went by the wayside, so it's back onto the straight and narrow.  I've become very good at forgiving myself when I lapse - probably not good.

Scales - I bought a new set tonight.  Totally convinced my current set are totally wrong.  They weighed me this morning about 5kg in my favour - so wrong.  I know I've gained weight again!  No way known I could've lost that amount in a couple of days!  Not too thrilled about jumping on and seeing what I've done. I also discovered I was sooo wrong in accepting the scales lower weight a couple of weeks ago.

Bloody mice!  I've got some critters in the house - I've heard them and we even got one in the bathroom the other night.  Thought I'd found all their entry points last time, but alas, obviously not!.  They've probably encouraged  their extended families to shift in too.  Set a pile of traps last night - empty they were today.  One trap was even missing the cheese!  I'm just  lulling them into a false sense of security.
So tomorrow, I'm on operation mouse hunt , eradication and cleanup..

Patterns - I've ordered yet more from BMV.  They should arrive early next week.

Have lost the television/playstation remote so I'm now having to use  the playstation controller to change channels etc.  Hopefully, it's been kicked under the couch and it will turn up tomorrow during operation mousehunt, eradication and cleanup!

Reading - have done heaps  of reading in the past week.  I've bought and downloaded some great books to my Ipad.  I'm currently reading a real book '''The Tinner's Corpse" by Bernard Knight.


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I didn't get my clearance.....

I've been to the Doctor's this afternoon - I'm so devastated (not!) that I had to leave 1/2 hour early from work to make the appointment also.
I went because I need a medical clearance before I can join the gym in town - well I didn't get my clearance and was told no way - not unless my blood pressure came down.  It was normal, last reading I had - but I've had high blood pressure in the past and today's reading was quite high - 164/104.  Arrgghh!!!!
I did take tablets 2 years ago for a couple of months - but they gave me a horrible allergic reaction so I stopped taking them and the Doctors I've seen since didn't seem concerned and one said they'd never heard of the medication giving someone that kind of reaction - got the impression she didn't believe me, but it looks like I'll be back on another brand before too long.

I've got a leaflet telling me to:
Lose weight  - well der, that's what I'm trying to do. 
Don't add salt - I don't
Eat a  low fat  - I try & do that (just ignore last week food intake - we just won't go there!)  Low fat milk, yoghurt, cheese, porridge, fruit, almonds, vegies etc.
At least 30 mins exercise daily - I'm getting in approx 1 hour and sometimes 2 a day. With the weather going to turn horrid soon I won't be able to do this and that's why I wanted to go to the gym - I'm not over fond of walking in a heavy downpour!
Drink less -  I've cut down and trying to drink on days of the week starting with S only
Don't Smoke - never have
Cut out Stress - I'm not stressed/anxious/worried/depressed etc

Oh well, on the bright side - I don't have to pay a monthly fee for gym membership at the moment!


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Look What Arrived Today

Last week I ordered this dressmaking model from an Ebay site in Melbourne and it was delivered to my office this afternoon.

I originally had a dressmaking model I had bought not long after I was married - but sold it after I outgrew it and I've kicked myself ever since!  I've now got this one set to my daughter Laura's measurements - but will need to alter the bust as she's very busty and the model is not so well endowed!
I did buy myself several years ago (Ebay again!) a used,  'full figured' model,   which I'm pleased to say will need a little adjusting now- downwards ,  but I'm a very long way from fitting (if ever) into this size. I might consider buying myself the next size up - once I've saved some more money though.

My next dilemma now  is where on earth am I going to store this  in my house?  My other model has been residing at in a shed for some time - the joys of living in a very small house!

Some Good News!

Neale received a telephone call today to say that the 3 photographs he had entered into a competition - Linden Postcard Show, run by the  Linden Galleries St Kilda in Melbourne had been sold - so he didn't need to have them posted back!  He's thrilled as it's 5 works  of his art that has been sold in the past 2 weeks.

Neale is also going to be very busy now on.   He currently  works 4 days a week at Monash Uni here in town, as well as studying part-time for his Masters in Fine Arts.  Now  he is now going to be teaching photography every Thursday  at the Tafe College in Newborough - beginning tomorrow, to Cert 4 and Diploma students.


Monday, 12 March 2012

Labor Day 2012

No work today as it's the Labor Day Public Holiday - hooray!!
I think that every weekend should be a 3 day long weekend - I could handle that quite well!

I'm off to clean the bathroom - thrill of thrills, and then on to do some vacuuming, mopping,   tidying etc, some reading, crocheting, some dvd watching, magazine reading, dreaming,  contemplating and planning.


Sunday, 11 March 2012

Weeks 9 & 10

I think I've lost 400gm over the past 2 weeks.  I'm saying 'think' because my bathroom scales appear to be on the blink today and have given me 2 different readings - I of course, choose to believe the lower reading!! (don't want to contemplate the higher reading - too depressing!)
Needless to say, next week's weigh in could be very interesting!

For week 9 I was on holidays from work, less exercise occurred due to the terrible weather and not to mention my hankering for iced cinnamon buns from the bakery - I know that didn't help, and I of course gained again.

I'm actually at approx the same weight I got to over 12 months ago before I plateaued and it was a case of lose a kg and then simply regain it.  I did that for 6 months which got to be depressing  I'm hoping I can move beyond  that point this time.

I've been to the gymnasium here in town to check out membership prices and I think I'll join.  The weather will soon make it harder to go walking and I figure that going to the gym of an evening  instead will help.  Before I join though, I'll need a clearance cert. from a Doctor - due to my advanced age.  I'm 45.  The gym's rules are that persons 45+ be cleared by a Doctor before joining.  I'll see if I can get an appointment over the next week or so.

I am starting to notice a difference in the way some clothes fit.  I've lost some cms from my lower hips, mms from my thighs and calves!  My husband says he can see my knees and ankles now! It's a start!
I've seen the weather forecast for the next week - very promising.  I'll probably be able to walk morning and evenings.


Saturday, 10 March 2012

Cowwarr Art Space


This is where I spent the afternoon of Sunday 4th March 2012!

My husband Neale had an opening for his exhibition of work "Small Reminders of Non-existent Events"
It was a very successful opening with about 60 people in attendance and he had 2 works sold on the day which was absolutely fantastic.  Hopefully, some more will be sold  during the course of the exhibition.

I've just clicked on the link and some photos are up on the website - I'm the one in the pink cardigan.  In one of the photos, I'm standing next to Neale, and next to me is Emma, my son Morgan's girl friend and next to her is Morgan.

Neale has taken his parents today out to Cowwarr to show them the exhibition as they were unable to make it last week as my Mother in Law was sick .