Thursday, 22 August 2013

Look Where Neale Has Been

I'm really hoping he bought me a length or two of something/anything!!!


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

It's So Cold!

Today has been so icy cold - and i can't get warm. My heater is set to nuclear fusion and doesn't seem to be warming up much - probably have to vacuum the filters clean again!  Temps of 9 degrees today with snow down to 500m - apparently there was snow in the hills outside town.  To cap it all off, the heating system at work has decided to cark it again so it was a balmy 14 degrees inside. Brrrrr
I'm even considering doing a pile of ironing tonight  to warm up!!!

Neale is loving New York.  We've just had a skype call.  Isn't technology amazing?  He's visited the Empire State Building, been to Times Square and an Irish pub across the road from his hotel.  He tells me he's right near the fashion district too - how rude! I've given him Mood fabric's address and told him to buy me something (anything!) please - and to make room in his suitcase!!!!

I've sewn!!!!!!  Took up a pair of Neale's trousers that he wanted to take with him.  Have discovered that my eyes are now pretty bad when it comes to threading needles - especially overlocker needles.  Tweezers are a big help - if you've got them!  Quick trip to Spotlight on Sunday and I bought 2 pairs, so I'm now prepared. I know I bought tweezers some time ago, but can't find/remember where I put them. I also  bought a length of a blue cotton drill with a pineapple print - I think it wil make a nice skirt for spring/summer.

Only 8 more days of work until I'm on annual leave - so looking forward to that.  Hopefully, by the second week, my sewing room will be done.  I think I've decided on an aqua as a colour for the walls.

I've seen that BMV have another sale - call me addicted!  I think I've got 7 of the latest lot of Vogues picked out to order this time.  I have now  nearly bought all that I had on my wish list!


Monday, 12 August 2013

Sewing Room Update.

Not complete as yet!!

We spent a weekend cleaning up and out the 2 smallish rooms (i think each measures 2.1m x 2.5m an there is a wal and siding door that separates them.
Laura's new bedroom is now arranged just how she wants it and the weekend before last we bought her a desk, chair and drawing table. We hardly see her now!!!

Neale has patched, washed and sanded all the walls and has painted undercoat in the 2 rooms and is now masking off and getting ready to paint.  He bought a red paint (madeira red) for his study today and is now just cutting it in. I think he's wanting to get most of his room done before he flies out to  the USA.  It's looking  good, but will need several coats for good coverage.

I'm still trying to decide just what colour I want for my room.  I've seen some duck egg blue colours for the walls that look good and I want the window frame, door and skirting boards done in white. Decisions, decisions!!!
I'm planning on a large table (white) which is 2 metres long which will just fit in and will hold all my sewing machines and can be used as a cutting table.  I'm hoping to store all my patterns in plastic tubs underneath the table.
Unfortunately the shelving unit I wanted will not fit on the wall that I wanted - but will fit, just, if I take off the entry door.  I suppose I can live with that if I have too - means I've got to keep it clean!!!


New York Bound......

No, not me - unfortunately!

Neale is flying out on Saturday and will be there for just the week - he entered a photographic competition (Chelsea International Fine Art Competition)  some time ago and was notified that one of his images had been selected, so he's going over there for opening night  on Thursday 22nd.  It's at the Agora Gallery.  It turns out that they are now showing 2 of his images and another gallery in New York has another of his images on display digitally. 
He's looking forward to the experience and is busily trying to work out just what he wants to see and do in the short time that he is there.

I'm trying to persuade him to stop by Mood Fabrics and bring home some lengths of fabric!!!