Sunday, 26 February 2012

Weeks 7 & 8

Well, the end of week 7 saw the scales telling me that I'd gained (shock, horror) 500gm.  So not cool!
Onwards (and downwards), week 8,  the scales tell  me I lost 1.5 kg - now that's more like it!
All up, I've lost nearly 5kg so far and I'm pretty happy about it.
I was telling my DH Neale, the other day my weight - he looked at me and said no you don't - how rude!
Took me a few minutes to realise that I'd told him my weight -  minus 20kg! Wishful thinking or what! Yes, I think that will take quite a few  - to the least, more weeks to lose that amount.

Happy Days - I'm on holidays for the next week.  Not going anywhere, just staying home and hopefully, getting some things done and sewn.


Sunday, 12 February 2012

Week 6

I have lost another 1.2kg for this week.  Yay me!!! 
All those salads I've been eating and not to mention the walking are paying off!  Although I've got to admit I've been drinking less wine and I'm sure that is playing a big part - no more drowning (and pickling ) my sorrows!!  Neale and I last night shared a bottle of a pinot noir chardonay (sparkling) last night which was absolutely delicious.

I downloaded a good Ipod/Ipad app some time ago to keep track of the weight loss.  It has calculated how long it should take me to get to my goal weight - just over 2 years - going on current weigh loss etc,  which is a little bit disheartening!

I received to parcels in the mail this past week - 7 sewing patterns from BMV and I also received the Vogue sewing book from Book Depository.

Another 2 weeks of work and then I'm taking a week's leave - I so can't wait for that.  Lots of plans for that time.

Neale and I went to the cinema this afternoon. We saw Hugo.  I really liked this film.  We saw the George Clooney film "The Descendants" last week.  It's becoming a regular Sunday outing!


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Week 5

Well, at the end of week 5, I have lost another 300 grams.  I'm happy with that!

At the moment, the book I'm presently listening to whilst walking is "Crisis Four" by Andy McNab. 
I like having a book read to me when I'm walking - I look forward to my walk every morning and finding out what happens in the book.
 Last week's book was "You're Next" by Greg Hurwitz.


Saturday, 4 February 2012

Books, Books & Books.

I'm going to have a very good mail day(s) next week.

I've ordered another 7 patterns from BMV - it was such a good sale and I've also  bought an out of print patterns I've been wanting to buy for ages.  Unfortunately, my wish list seems to be getting longer all the time as I see patterns I must have on the blogs I visit. Talk about enabling!

Another enabler is  Carolyn.  I read her post about buying  Professional Sewing Secrets for Designers.  I remembered that this book had been sitting in my wish list for several years.  It's now winging it's way to me along with Vogue Sewing.

I've ordered these 2 books from The Book Depository.  It worked out about $10.00 difference in price compared to Amazon, but I figured that Book Depository are much faster with delivery times.  It takes about a week from the UK as opposed to Amazon who takes about a month to 6 weeks to deliver to Australia.

Then I decided to make a night of it and ordered another 3 books from Amazon - knowing that the delivery time is so much later, I'll have something else to look forward to next month.
I ordered:

High Style: Masterworks from the Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Wear This, Toss That!


 Just after I submitted my order to Amazon, I received an email to say that the books had been processed and shipped.  I was quite surprised.
Have now retired my credit card for some time - I figure that I've done enough damage for one day.
I'm really looking forward to all my parcels arriving next week though!