Friday, 6 December 2013

December Already

It's been awhile since I've updated this blog.

Laura read my blog today and tells me I'm very boring!!  Love you  too sweetie!!

My new little car is still very excellent and a pleasure to drive.  It had it's 1000km service today and I drove the station wagon instead today - totally different.
Neale loves the Mazda too - so much so that he had a day off work early last week and bought himself one too.  Our station wagon was used as a trade in and it leaves us on Monday.  Neale bought a red car ( he tells me red cars go faster!) and his car has the manual transmission, whereas mine is automatic.  On Saturday, I'm planning on cleaning out the old car, before it's handed into the car yard - it's a bit of a tip!

Laura has now graduated from high school.  I can't believe that my last baby has finished her secondary schooling.  Where did that time go?
She was having trouble finding a dress and two weeks before, I stupidly offered to make her a dress to wear to the graduation dinner.  We got the material - a cranberry charmeuse with black chantilly lace to be overlaid on top, chose the pattern - McCalls M6698.  I traced off the pattern started altering lots of cutting and slashing and spreading.  Several more tracings,  toiles,  lots of tears (mine),  fittings and even more tears of frustration, I started warning her to go dress shopping and fast!
I'd begun questioning my ability and skills and got myself pretty worked up that I just couldn't get the bodice to fit straight away.  I'm now determined to get it sorted out - mainly because I need to make the same adjustments to patterns to fit me.  I'm just a couple of sizes bigger than Laura though.  She's also taller than me - yep, I'm the shortest in the family at 163cm - so unfair (I blame my parents!  I'm also the shortest out of my 2 brothers and 2  sisters.  not cool!)
She ended up finding a dress on an Ebay site in England and we hoped that it would arrive in time - it did and I think it fitted her perfectly.  I'm still determined to finish her dress - but it might very well be in time for her University graduation now!!!
She had her hair done and re-dyed black - I was really hoping she'd go back to her blonde hair, but no.  She decided to go sans glasses to the dinner - and had trouble seeing.  thankfully, Laura didn't break her neck as she walked across the stage when she was awarded her Year 12 certificate!

Laura's now waiting for her Year 12 results which are published in a couple of weeks.  She's applied to University and has received letters from both universities offering her a place in the first round of offers - provided she passes the English examination.  The course she's wanting to do is game design which is only offered in Melbourne at RMIT - eekk!  I'd really prefer her to stay local and study art  at Federation Uni and build on her art skills first before going to Melbourne.
We had a good time at the graduation dinner, which was last Tuesday night - until Thursday.  Laura was up through the night vomiting and Neale had to cancel and interview in Melbourne that she was to attend.  At lunchtime Thursday, I became ill.  Definitely not fun at all - turns out it was food poisoning and more than 40 people were struck down. The local Health Dept. are investigating as they had received many more reports after the event.  Not a fun time.
I missed my brother and sister in law's joint 40th Birthday celebration on Friday night.  Was so looking forward to that and catching up with all my brothers and sisters, but just wasn't well enough to attend.  I'm still peeved that it took me 4 days to recover fully - Laura was sick only for the the 1 day.  Neale told me it was because I was older than her.  Not a pleasant experience at all.

Work is incredibly busy and going to become more so.  There are four of us in the office, our  Manager, Steve, two contract managers and I'm the administration manager.  Denise the senior contract manager is scheduled to have surgery on Monday and unlikely to return until after Christmas and Nathan, our other contract manager is supposed to take 3 weeks leave straight after Christmas. Our Melbourne office now tells us that we will not be getting any help to cover Denise and Nathan whilst they are off - Denise is also taking 3 months long service leave from February and no cover is to be provided for her absence either. Lots of work is scheduled for January - that needs to be done.  Pretty sure that many  of my cleaners will make themselves unavailable too - curses!
I tried telling Steve the other day that I needed all of January off (jokingly) and he told me I could request it - but it wasn't going to happen!!!!
 2015 - I'm taking January off for sure!!!! (mind you, I've threatened that every January since 2009!)

Christmas is fast approaching and I'm so not prepared and organised.  Several more presents to buy and wrap.  We are having the McDougall family Christmas dinner (my family) at a restaurant in Traralgon on the 15/12/2013.  One of my sisters and her family won't  be attending - as they are holidaying in Queensland and won't be back until a couple of days before Christmas.  Hopefully I'll be able to catch up with her after Christmas sometime.
I've got to clean up the house - psyching myself up to do that!  I keep offering my house as  for the cleaners from work to practice on - but no takers yet!!


Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My New Car

Neale and I went car shopping last Saturday morning and we bought a car.  It's our first 'brand new' car in 26 years.  We decided on a Mazda 3 2013 Neo hatchback in the graphite colour.  Neale will now get the station wagon and we will probably sell his car (a little Hyundai Excel) to a wrecker.  The dealership offered us $250 for it.  I've just paid the car rego, so if we hand the plates in soonish, we'll get a fair portion of the $600 we paid for the registration back.  I'm planning on getting personalised number plates - but my order wouldn't process.  Will have to ring and get that sorted out.
The kids were all asking Neale as to who will drive the new car - Neale's comment is that according to the Ferengi 138th rule of acquisition - Jenny gets the new car!!!!

I drove the car home from the dealership - very nervously and very sedately!

My material shelves.  (they do stand straight - don't think I was though!)
My son Morgan was around and just the right time - and he got the job of putting these shelves together for me.  I'm tempted to go and buy another set!  Neale hasn't realised (but will, if he reads this post!) that I've smuggled in 3 tubs of material that were out in the shed - they're now housed on the kitchen sideboard.  I've still got another 3 tubs out in the shed, so might bring another one in.

Am so looking forward to Tuesday - it's a public holiday for the running of the Melbourne Cup.  Being the most dedicated and conscientious worker that I am - I'm taking Monday off as an annual leave day  - giving myself a nice 4 day weekend.  Hooray!  Mind you,  I've got to make sure that all my work is done on Friday -   pay sheets for my house cleaners need to be done and sent for processing with all their work organised for Monday & Wednesday. 

Laura sat her first Year 12 exam this morning - English.  She says she thinks it went ok.  Only 3 more exams to go and her schooling life is over.  Next weeks exam is for multimedia.  I'm having to leave work early on the Friday  to get her to Warragul (about 40 mins away) to sit this one.

Hadden (no 3 son) is pretty disappointed today.  He's applied to ADF and today has received a letter telling him that due to his peanut allergy (he carries an epipen - which thankfully, we've never had to use)  he is medically unfit for service.  His allergy hasn't been assessed for quite some years - hopefully with age, it might have lessened - anyway, we've told him to go to the Doctor/Specialist and get retested and check.  Not a happy chappy.


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Very Excited...

I'm very excited  -  I get to pick up my new baby tomorrow night!!!

It's not sewing related at all though. 
I've arranged to leave work a little earlier tomorrow afternoon, I need to get back to Churchill to Neale up from work and then off we go....
Will post a picture tomorrow night.


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Nearly Done

My sewing room is nearly done and I think it's looking totally spiffy.
That's Neale's study through the sliding door.
It would be really unfortunate if any of the 3 older boys who have moved out wish to move back in - I can offer them floor space or a couch in the lounge room now! (I think we're safe!!)

Neale put up the shelving for me on Saturday/Sunday.  After loading it up with my books it started to bend alarmingly, so Neale bought a couple more rails - much better. I was hoping to use the top shelf for all my pattern drafting/fashion design books - but it's pretty high and I'll need a ladder every-time I want to get a book down.  I think I'll keep them in the bookcase in the lounge room - much easier
I want to buy another shelving unit to store some material - but the one I'm after was not in stock at the store on Saturday.  I've seen a 8 cube unit that I think will do the job - won't fit a great deal of material in it - but enough to get inspired etc. I'm wanting to put it where the door is on the left hand side of the room.

Sunday, I seemed to spend the day moving one pile of mess to another place - slowly getting it all under control - I'm currently  reorganising my sewing cupboard in the kitchen.  Only another 2 shelves to tidy up.

I've discovered I've got more fabric that I thought I had - good grief!   Even though Neale took 5 big bags to the storage locker (years ago) , I seem to have replaced that since.  I did visit the storage locker a little while ago - but have discovered the kids have been busy dumping their stuff in there and my bags are totally buried.  It needs a major clean out - but I'm not doing it by myself.
 I love the table - which I'll use as a cutting table also.  It's not as high as I'd prefer a cutting table to be, but it's wider than my kitchen bench and it beats cutting out on the floor.
 I've got some notions in the little trolley and about 7 tubs of patterns all stacked up underneath and at the side of the table.  My drafting rulers are all in the black case on the right hand side.
 My sewing pantry  - not a very clear photo. The 2 top shelves still need sorting - lots of college folders and miscellaneous stuff! The third shelf, I've got  containers of zips, bindings, eIastics, buttons etc.  4th shelf - more material. I've got my small  Elna Stella and also my Brother embroidery machine  on the 5th shelf with all my machine embroidery threads and  stuff.  Bottom shelf holds all my cottons and a box of ribbings.

Sideboard in the kitchen - the big blue tub has got my mending in it (out of sight - out of mind!!) and lot's of UFO's - mainly for Laura when she was about 6-10 years old.  At now 17 3/4,(she read what I've written and I had to up the age!)  I somehow don't think she'll appreciate them! Cardboard boxes and tub of even more material!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Another Update

Neale has finished painting out my sewing room - yay!  He took pity on me and did another 2 coats of the white gloss on the trim.  Today, he was doing a little patching up of the paint - when I removed all the masking tape on Friday, some of the white leaked through to the aqua and and some of the paint came off.  Rats!!

I was hoping to get my table and chair today - didn't happen.  Hopefully, I'll have time one day after work this week to get to Traralgon and pick it up.

It's back to work fo me tomorrow - major bummer.  Have enjoyed my 2 weeks off.  I made a stop at the office this afternoon as i wanted to collect the mailbox key and have checked out my desk - there's a huge folder of things for me to go through/do.  Oh well!!

Yesterday, Neale and I spent the day in Melbourne.  I visited Cleggs on Elizabeth St - beautiful fabrics, with most of them out of my price range.  They've got some beautiful coloured ponti  I was eyeing off!  Then it was off to Lincraft.  I bought 3metres of a pretty cotton print, it was in the $15.00 per metre  stand, but rung up at just under $14.00.  Turns out, it was in the wrong section.  Bargain!
I bought a new denim skirt - my other one is a little too short for work and seems to have  ummm, shrunk somewhat!
I went to Dymocks and browsed through all the fashion books - oh wow.  Some were very pricey-and one i was interested in was very heavy - sanity prevailed as i realised I'd have to carry it around with me!  I also thought it would be cheaper to buy from Amazon ( turns out it was double the price with Amazon!!!)

Neale and i caught a tram out to Collingwood to an art gallery.  We walked it seemed for ages, but finally found the gallery and were even on time! Neale was participating in a group exhibition called "Monstrous". It was nice to attend the opening and meet some of Neale's art frends.

We arrived back home at about 9.00pm.  So pleased to get back home - and take off my boots.  They are comfortable - but not for 12 hours.  Next time i visit Melbourne - i'm wearing  sneakers!

Relaxing later at home with several glasses of bubbly, i decided to check out Amazon for the book i mentioned earlier.  I didn't buy it because it was priced at $125.00, but i seem to remember ordering another 5! Being slightly ( ok, alot inebriated) with a credit card is somewhat  dangerous.  I'm looking foward to receiving the books in the next month or so though.

Eleven hours and i'll be back at work.....


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Recap / Sewing Room Update

Neale is home from New York, I picked him up from the train station in Morwell just over 2 weeks ago now.  He had a fantastic time, and came home with lots of photos, very footsore and seriously jet lagged.  He's promising that we'll both go next year!
As you saw in my previous post, he did go to Mood for me - no fabric though, but I do now have a Mood baseball cap and t shirt!  He also found Tiffany's and he bought me a beautiful silver necklace designed by Paloma  Picasso.

My sewing room is still not done.  Neale painted the walls the other day for me and I started painting the around the doors, window and skirting boards.  I have made a discovery - I absolutely loathe painting! I've done one coat so far and will possibly need to do another 2 - woe!
I ended up choosing Taubman's "Kingston Aqua"  for the walls, white gloss for the trim and today I bought "Stone Patina"(grey) for the back of the sliding door that separates my room from Neale's.  I'm wanting to get a matching grey blind for the window.  The room looks light and airy.  I just hope that my part of the painting turns out OK.
I'm planning to buy a 2 metre table (Officeworks)  to hold my machines and which will also double up as a cutting table.  I definitely want a some shelves on the wall on the right hand side to hold all my books.  My pattern collection should fit under the table in plastic storage boxes.  I also would like a shelving system to hold some of my fabric collection.  I've seen a couple that might me suitable, but will probably necessitate  the entry door to be removed.  I suppose once the table and chair are in, I'll be able to see just how much room is left.

I'm currently on 2 weeks leave at the moment - now in the second week!..  Have enjoyed not having to get up and get to work by 8-30am!  Haven't done a great deal - housework, ironing (haven't even made a dent in that!!) read several books, watched lots of movies on dvd and just generally relaxed.
Tomorrow, I tackle cleaning up and out some kitchen drawers and cupboards.  I heard a mouse the other day and have seen evidence of where he's been - pesky little blighters.

It's Spring here now.  I thought I was doing well, 9 days in and no hayfever.  Day 10, it has all changed and I'm suffering now.  Stupid tablet has yet to kick in.

My car got crunched in a car park on Sunday - so not happy.  I hope karma gets them good.  I suppose it's not too bad - a broken headlight cover with a dented bonnet with paint scraped off.  It's not worth going through insurance to repair it (I think I've got to pay the first $500-00) and frankly, I don't really want to spend that to repair a 10year old car that is not worth a great deal now.

Neale's taken pity on me and started doing the second coat - it's going on much easier for him now though!


Thursday, 22 August 2013

Look Where Neale Has Been

I'm really hoping he bought me a length or two of something/anything!!!


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

It's So Cold!

Today has been so icy cold - and i can't get warm. My heater is set to nuclear fusion and doesn't seem to be warming up much - probably have to vacuum the filters clean again!  Temps of 9 degrees today with snow down to 500m - apparently there was snow in the hills outside town.  To cap it all off, the heating system at work has decided to cark it again so it was a balmy 14 degrees inside. Brrrrr
I'm even considering doing a pile of ironing tonight  to warm up!!!

Neale is loving New York.  We've just had a skype call.  Isn't technology amazing?  He's visited the Empire State Building, been to Times Square and an Irish pub across the road from his hotel.  He tells me he's right near the fashion district too - how rude! I've given him Mood fabric's address and told him to buy me something (anything!) please - and to make room in his suitcase!!!!

I've sewn!!!!!!  Took up a pair of Neale's trousers that he wanted to take with him.  Have discovered that my eyes are now pretty bad when it comes to threading needles - especially overlocker needles.  Tweezers are a big help - if you've got them!  Quick trip to Spotlight on Sunday and I bought 2 pairs, so I'm now prepared. I know I bought tweezers some time ago, but can't find/remember where I put them. I also  bought a length of a blue cotton drill with a pineapple print - I think it wil make a nice skirt for spring/summer.

Only 8 more days of work until I'm on annual leave - so looking forward to that.  Hopefully, by the second week, my sewing room will be done.  I think I've decided on an aqua as a colour for the walls.

I've seen that BMV have another sale - call me addicted!  I think I've got 7 of the latest lot of Vogues picked out to order this time.  I have now  nearly bought all that I had on my wish list!


Monday, 12 August 2013

Sewing Room Update.

Not complete as yet!!

We spent a weekend cleaning up and out the 2 smallish rooms (i think each measures 2.1m x 2.5m an there is a wal and siding door that separates them.
Laura's new bedroom is now arranged just how she wants it and the weekend before last we bought her a desk, chair and drawing table. We hardly see her now!!!

Neale has patched, washed and sanded all the walls and has painted undercoat in the 2 rooms and is now masking off and getting ready to paint.  He bought a red paint (madeira red) for his study today and is now just cutting it in. I think he's wanting to get most of his room done before he flies out to  the USA.  It's looking  good, but will need several coats for good coverage.

I'm still trying to decide just what colour I want for my room.  I've seen some duck egg blue colours for the walls that look good and I want the window frame, door and skirting boards done in white. Decisions, decisions!!!
I'm planning on a large table (white) which is 2 metres long which will just fit in and will hold all my sewing machines and can be used as a cutting table.  I'm hoping to store all my patterns in plastic tubs underneath the table.
Unfortunately the shelving unit I wanted will not fit on the wall that I wanted - but will fit, just, if I take off the entry door.  I suppose I can live with that if I have too - means I've got to keep it clean!!!


New York Bound......

No, not me - unfortunately!

Neale is flying out on Saturday and will be there for just the week - he entered a photographic competition (Chelsea International Fine Art Competition)  some time ago and was notified that one of his images had been selected, so he's going over there for opening night  on Thursday 22nd.  It's at the Agora Gallery.  It turns out that they are now showing 2 of his images and another gallery in New York has another of his images on display digitally. 
He's looking forward to the experience and is busily trying to work out just what he wants to see and do in the short time that he is there.

I'm trying to persuade him to stop by Mood Fabrics and bring home some lengths of fabric!!!


Thursday, 25 July 2013

Hadden's Moving out - I'm getting a sewing room!!!

Hadden, our 20 year old son informed Neale and myself that he was moving out last Friday - Sunday, Neale and I were at Bunnings choosing paint chips for our new study (Neale) and sewing room (me!!!).
Hadden is moving into a house in Morwell with one of his friends. 
Laura is moving into Hadden's room - once it's cleaned up and decontaminated, and Neale and I are sharing Laura's rooms (her bedroom is a long narrow room we divided in half).  A three bedroom house with 3 boys and a girl was a tight fit and we all had to share!!  It's going to be so strange and quiet  having only one child left at home.

Hadden's moving tomorrow and is borrowing my car - I drive a 10 year old station wagon, so he's borrowing that and I get to drive his car tomorrow.  Hadden drives a 2012 Mazda 3 Sport, so I'm going to be travelling in style! 

I'm so looking forward to having my own sewing space - have already checked out tables and a shelving unit and shelving system  and chair at Bunnings & Officeworks! Unfortunately, I won't be able to fit all my gear into the area - but it's going to be so nice to have my own little area.

Soooo, I'm going to be spending the next couple of weekends cleaning, washing walls, painting and setting up my space.

That's my sewing machine on the kitchen table - buried by stuff! The rest of the table is covered in Neale's Uni stuff - definitely not conducive for sewing.
Neale is also looking forward to having his own space - he's got 6 months to go until he completes his Master's Degree.  Most of the artwork is done, but he still has to refine and finish his exegesis.


Saturday, 4 May 2013

Sewing Group

I made it to the Rosedale Sewing Group today and had a lovely time. Admittedly I did more talking and reading etc - no sewing for me.

You'd think that in the 2 months since the last meeting, I'd have been more organised, instead of racing around at the last minute trying to grab some things to take with me. 

Today I actually cut some thing out  - yay me!
I cut out OOP McCalls 5978.  I used a small piece of knit fabric I bought from Spotlight for $1- from the remnant bin.  I can't remember what the check I'm using is called and will post a picture of it later.  I didn't worry about matching the checks - didn't have enough material for that. I probably shouldn't have put the back piece on the fold - definitely couldn't see how aligned the checks were on the underneath side. When I was at Tafe we had to use full pattern pieces.
 I stopped by Spotlight on the way home and bought a metre of black cotton jersey knit to make the facings.

Whilst I was looking this morning,  I found a basket full of UFOs I'd cut out for Laura.  Unfortunately, they were cut out for her as a six year old and she's now 17!  Luckily I've still got a 3 year old niece who will now get to benefit.


Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Not much happening at all!!

Lots of reading, but that's pretty normal for me.   Laura is pretty disgusted that she saw me read 2 books over the weekend - didn't have the heart to tell her about the other books I had on my Ipad  and in the bedroom that I finished!  She wants me to read her, her Year 12 English books - so she doesn't have to!

My hair is no longer purple.  It's now what I'd call a black cherry - I've got a nail polish the same colour.  The packet said 'violet vision". I wouldn't say that's what it turned out to be, but  I quite like how it's turned out.

We're looking for a new Manager at work -  the previous Manager lasted just on 3 months.  He's now working out of Melbourne office and thankfully away from us.  My co-workers haven't resigned and or left - but it was a pretty close thing.  It was either him or them.  We're just left to deal with the fall out.
The ads have been running nearly a month - with only one applicant so far.

Like everyone else, I've been watching "The Great British Sewing Bee" on youtube and have been enjoying it.  Will watch the last episode tomorrow night.

Neale had his weekend away in Surfers Paradise where he attended opening night of the photographic comp he had entered.  No, he didn't win!!!  He regarded as an honour to have been chosen to have his work hung. He did ring me at work last night to say that another of his works has been selected to hang in a New York gallery.  Quite exciting.  He's not going to opening night for that one!!! (If he was, I'd be going too!)

Still working on the mending - it's never ending!  Have just picked up a layby last week - 2 more pair of trousers to hem. Plus the 3 pairs that Neale bought!

I managed to find nearly all the discontinued patterns I was after - very impressed.  Ebay, Etsy and the British BMV site "Sew Direct" to the rescue.  Tonight, I received in the mail the Colette pattern  "anise".  A very attractive jacket pattern that Lauren from Sewing Bee wore in the 3rd episode.

So looking forward to the public holiday on Thursday (Anzac Day) Nothing planned as yet.....


Happy Birthday to Me!!

I turned 47 today.

Have had a lovely day-very quiet at work. 
I received many lovely cards from my family and some lovely presents also.  Lots of texts and face book messages also.



Neale had this one sent to him and he immediately sent it on to me.  He learn't very early on that my sewing scissors were not for everyday use and abuse!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I've Got Purple Hair

Yes, you read that right!!!

I've been on annual leave from work since 4th March - 2 weeks leave - bliss!
I decided that I wanted/needed a haircut - as it's been 18  months since I had a haircut.  I wasn't intending to colour my hair - I actually like how it's greying, but whilst I was sitting there at the hairdressers I thought I'd get a colour as well.  I chose bright, vivid purple, and you know what?  I really like it!  My hairdresser also straightened my hair which is such a change as my hair is very frizzy, fine and curly.   I'm not sure If I can manage the time every day to straighten it - it's certainly a change for for me.
I have to go back to work next week - I work as an Admin Manager for a local cleaning company - don't now how the hair colour will go down with our new Manager - but it makes me happy!!
 I've been sewing - nothing to show - but I'm sewing (mending)!!  I've sewed on piles of buttons, replaced a zip in Laura's skirt, hemmed trousers - all the fun stuff.  it's a start!  I've got a few more trousers to hem and will do them tomorrow.
I've been an inspected the new Spotlight store in Traralgon -  It's huge!  Lots of fabrics, but not much in the way of knits at the moment.
I'm still buying patterns - hopelessly addicted to BMV and their sales!!  I received a  packet of 7 patterns yesterday and have another 6 on order from the discontinued sale.  Many of the ones on the discontinued list that I wanted weren't available - so EBAY to the rescue and I have another 5 coming from various sellers.
Can we say pattern addict??

My Dad turned 70 last week and on Sunday most of the family (my sister Gillian and her family were unable to make it)  traveled to Warragul for a meal at the Golf Club.  There were 26 of us there and we all had a lovely time and lovely meal.

I made it to the sewing group that Janine from Interrupted Sutures told me about some months ago.  I got to meet Janine and some other lovely ladies that share a passion for sewing.  Meetings are held the first Saturday of each month at the Rosedale Neighbourhood House.

Have been enjoying my time off from work - have done a little bit of cleaning - such fun!  Have tried in the past to get some cleaners from work to practice and train and practice in cleaning up my house  - but no takers!!!!!  Have done lots of washing - boy have i done washing! It has taken no time to dry - we've been experiencing heatwave conditions for nearly 2 weeks - the temperature not dropping below 30 degrees.  Unheard of temperatures for Autumn with lots of long standing weather records broken.  Thankfully, the cool change came through earlier today - hooray!!  I'm hoping to get a decent night's sleep tonight as night time temps have been so hot also.  Totally draining.  i did hear on the weather report that we've got more hot weather headed our way - drats!

It will be interesting in going back to work on Monday and find out what is going on.  There are 4 of us in the office, manager, me and 2 contract managers.  Denise, one of the contract managers has had loads of  problems with our Manager (he's new) and has given 4 weeks notice that she is taking her annual leave, long service leave and then resigning.  She's had enough and will finish at Easter.  Nathan, the other contract manager has also been given a very hard time and last I heard, he was seriously thinking his future.  I hope that our manager has a plan - way too much work for one person to do!  he's got 2 weeks to employ someone and have them trained etc.
Have done lots of reading whilst I've been off - what's new,  catching up on dvds and generally relaxing (and trying to keep cool).  I've planned ahead, and have already booking in my next lot of holidays - 2 weeks in September.  Only 6 months to go!

Neale my DH is quite excited.  One of his artworks has been selected for entry into a prestigious photographic competition in Queensland.  He's now planning on attending the opening early next month.

That's it for now,

Jen x

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Happy Australia Day 2013

I have spent the day very quietly - so far!!  Have been so looking forward  to the long weekend.
This morning I worked on some work (payroll/invoices) that I brought home with me to do- or else I'll have a few miffed cleaners wondering why they haven't been paid next Wednesday night. Must remember to email it all to the payroll on Tuesday morning! I've dropped the completed work at the office and fed Luigi (our goat) whilst I was there.

I've been into Spotlight this afternoon - bought 2 gorgeous lengths of material from the sale table and a lining material to match the printed satin. The lining fabric was ''Sunsilky'' which I like better than the "bemsilk".  Unfortunately, that wasn't on sale and cost more than the printed satin.  After I had left, I realised that I should have bought the matching threads for the sewing machine and overlocker.  I can't stand having missmatched sewing threads!  I'll get them next week - before Spotlight moves to Traralgon.  They open in Traralgon February 20th and will be starting to move stock accross to there in the next couple of weeks.

I'm still buying patterns - can't resist a sale!!  I've got another 7  that should be arriving next week.  Have just seen last night that the new Vogues were uploaded and have already added quite a few of them to my wishlist.

I received a shipment from Amazon  just a couple of weeks ago of books on  sewing and fashion, that I had ordered just before Christmas. Very inspring.  I've still got one more book to be shipped - It's a V&A book on underwear.  Looking forward to receiving that one soonish - I hope!

My Laura turned 17, 2 weeks ago.  Oh wow - can't believe how grown up she is now.  She's busily doing English  holiday homework at the moment (cough, cough!) that she has to do before school starts back on Friday.  Laura has given up her part-time job with Maccas - she wants to concentrate on Year 12 and has a considerable load as she is doing 3 folio art subjects this year. Neales is taking her to Melbourne next Wenesday - they are going to go look at art galleries and both are looking forward to that.

Morgan, my 2nd child, turned 23 last week.  We all met up at my Father in Law's house in Morwell for lunch, which was nice.  Morgan is still not working full-time - despite been promised full time work when he was employed - he's finding it tough going.  I've been able to give him some cleaning work this past week - he's looking forward to payday! 


Love Jen