Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My New Car

Neale and I went car shopping last Saturday morning and we bought a car.  It's our first 'brand new' car in 26 years.  We decided on a Mazda 3 2013 Neo hatchback in the graphite colour.  Neale will now get the station wagon and we will probably sell his car (a little Hyundai Excel) to a wrecker.  The dealership offered us $250 for it.  I've just paid the car rego, so if we hand the plates in soonish, we'll get a fair portion of the $600 we paid for the registration back.  I'm planning on getting personalised number plates - but my order wouldn't process.  Will have to ring and get that sorted out.
The kids were all asking Neale as to who will drive the new car - Neale's comment is that according to the Ferengi 138th rule of acquisition - Jenny gets the new car!!!!

I drove the car home from the dealership - very nervously and very sedately!

My material shelves.  (they do stand straight - don't think I was though!)
My son Morgan was around and just the right time - and he got the job of putting these shelves together for me.  I'm tempted to go and buy another set!  Neale hasn't realised (but will, if he reads this post!) that I've smuggled in 3 tubs of material that were out in the shed - they're now housed on the kitchen sideboard.  I've still got another 3 tubs out in the shed, so might bring another one in.

Am so looking forward to Tuesday - it's a public holiday for the running of the Melbourne Cup.  Being the most dedicated and conscientious worker that I am - I'm taking Monday off as an annual leave day  - giving myself a nice 4 day weekend.  Hooray!  Mind you,  I've got to make sure that all my work is done on Friday -   pay sheets for my house cleaners need to be done and sent for processing with all their work organised for Monday & Wednesday. 

Laura sat her first Year 12 exam this morning - English.  She says she thinks it went ok.  Only 3 more exams to go and her schooling life is over.  Next weeks exam is for multimedia.  I'm having to leave work early on the Friday  to get her to Warragul (about 40 mins away) to sit this one.

Hadden (no 3 son) is pretty disappointed today.  He's applied to ADF and today has received a letter telling him that due to his peanut allergy (he carries an epipen - which thankfully, we've never had to use)  he is medically unfit for service.  His allergy hasn't been assessed for quite some years - hopefully with age, it might have lessened - anyway, we've told him to go to the Doctor/Specialist and get retested and check.  Not a happy chappy.


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  1. I suspected it might be a car. Congrats. Very exciting . Now you just need to to smuggle your fabric from your storage unit as well! Hope you get some sewing done. Cheers.