Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Nearly Done

My sewing room is nearly done and I think it's looking totally spiffy.
That's Neale's study through the sliding door.
It would be really unfortunate if any of the 3 older boys who have moved out wish to move back in - I can offer them floor space or a couch in the lounge room now! (I think we're safe!!)

Neale put up the shelving for me on Saturday/Sunday.  After loading it up with my books it started to bend alarmingly, so Neale bought a couple more rails - much better. I was hoping to use the top shelf for all my pattern drafting/fashion design books - but it's pretty high and I'll need a ladder every-time I want to get a book down.  I think I'll keep them in the bookcase in the lounge room - much easier
I want to buy another shelving unit to store some material - but the one I'm after was not in stock at the store on Saturday.  I've seen a 8 cube unit that I think will do the job - won't fit a great deal of material in it - but enough to get inspired etc. I'm wanting to put it where the door is on the left hand side of the room.

Sunday, I seemed to spend the day moving one pile of mess to another place - slowly getting it all under control - I'm currently  reorganising my sewing cupboard in the kitchen.  Only another 2 shelves to tidy up.

I've discovered I've got more fabric that I thought I had - good grief!   Even though Neale took 5 big bags to the storage locker (years ago) , I seem to have replaced that since.  I did visit the storage locker a little while ago - but have discovered the kids have been busy dumping their stuff in there and my bags are totally buried.  It needs a major clean out - but I'm not doing it by myself.
 I love the table - which I'll use as a cutting table also.  It's not as high as I'd prefer a cutting table to be, but it's wider than my kitchen bench and it beats cutting out on the floor.
 I've got some notions in the little trolley and about 7 tubs of patterns all stacked up underneath and at the side of the table.  My drafting rulers are all in the black case on the right hand side.
 My sewing pantry  - not a very clear photo. The 2 top shelves still need sorting - lots of college folders and miscellaneous stuff! The third shelf, I've got  containers of zips, bindings, eIastics, buttons etc.  4th shelf - more material. I've got my small  Elna Stella and also my Brother embroidery machine  on the 5th shelf with all my machine embroidery threads and  stuff.  Bottom shelf holds all my cottons and a box of ribbings.

Sideboard in the kitchen - the big blue tub has got my mending in it (out of sight - out of mind!!) and lot's of UFO's - mainly for Laura when she was about 6-10 years old.  At now 17 3/4,(she read what I've written and I had to up the age!)  I somehow don't think she'll appreciate them! Cardboard boxes and tub of even more material!


  1. Your sewing room is coming together beautifully - don't you just wish a click of the fingers would sort it all out to save time? Can't wait to see what will be the first outfit you sew up once your room is fully functional and ready to sew ...J

    1. I've already made a mess in there - i only did a little bit of mending too! Bought the shelving unit several weeks ago - it was just what I wanted. Well, I wanted the bigger unit - but didn't have the room for that.

  2. How exciting! Customising your sewing room so it's just how you want it. It sure is much easier cutting on a table then trying to do it on the floor... I don't think my back could handle that anymore LOL

    1. I know what you mean about cutting out on the floor Chris - I think my knees wouldn't be able to handle it.!!