Sunday, 15 September 2013

Another Update

Neale has finished painting out my sewing room - yay!  He took pity on me and did another 2 coats of the white gloss on the trim.  Today, he was doing a little patching up of the paint - when I removed all the masking tape on Friday, some of the white leaked through to the aqua and and some of the paint came off.  Rats!!

I was hoping to get my table and chair today - didn't happen.  Hopefully, I'll have time one day after work this week to get to Traralgon and pick it up.

It's back to work fo me tomorrow - major bummer.  Have enjoyed my 2 weeks off.  I made a stop at the office this afternoon as i wanted to collect the mailbox key and have checked out my desk - there's a huge folder of things for me to go through/do.  Oh well!!

Yesterday, Neale and I spent the day in Melbourne.  I visited Cleggs on Elizabeth St - beautiful fabrics, with most of them out of my price range.  They've got some beautiful coloured ponti  I was eyeing off!  Then it was off to Lincraft.  I bought 3metres of a pretty cotton print, it was in the $15.00 per metre  stand, but rung up at just under $14.00.  Turns out, it was in the wrong section.  Bargain!
I bought a new denim skirt - my other one is a little too short for work and seems to have  ummm, shrunk somewhat!
I went to Dymocks and browsed through all the fashion books - oh wow.  Some were very pricey-and one i was interested in was very heavy - sanity prevailed as i realised I'd have to carry it around with me!  I also thought it would be cheaper to buy from Amazon ( turns out it was double the price with Amazon!!!)

Neale and i caught a tram out to Collingwood to an art gallery.  We walked it seemed for ages, but finally found the gallery and were even on time! Neale was participating in a group exhibition called "Monstrous". It was nice to attend the opening and meet some of Neale's art frends.

We arrived back home at about 9.00pm.  So pleased to get back home - and take off my boots.  They are comfortable - but not for 12 hours.  Next time i visit Melbourne - i'm wearing  sneakers!

Relaxing later at home with several glasses of bubbly, i decided to check out Amazon for the book i mentioned earlier.  I didn't buy it because it was priced at $125.00, but i seem to remember ordering another 5! Being slightly ( ok, alot inebriated) with a credit card is somewhat  dangerous.  I'm looking foward to receiving the books in the next month or so though.

Eleven hours and i'll be back at work.....


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