Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Way To Go Neale ....


  1. Wow. Is that your husband with the various props. Does this mean a trip to NY?

  2. Hi Janine.

    Yes & No!!
    It's actually a 1/6 scale figure of my husband - and is pretty close to how he looks too. Neale has a huge collection of action figures that he uses in his photographic work. No trip to New York, although he's promising that I can go too - next time. Neale had a couple of his work selected for exhibition in New York last year and he went for opening night and had a fantastic time. He had another New York gallery get in contact with him last week - interesting! Here's hoping he becomes rich and famous and will be able to keep me in a style I could become accustomed too!!

  3. I thought he was real! Yes let's hope he becomes rich and famous. I often joke I would love to be a trophy wife as next career.