Sunday, 14 September 2014

Washing & Ironing


Have been on holidays from work for the past 2 weeks - it's been great not having to get up and go to work.
I haven't  done anything exciting at all, and have  kind of wasted my time off, if I'm being really honest with myself, however,  I did clean the bathroom though!!!!
I've read lots of books, watched lots of dvds (Game of Thrones, Touched by an Angel, Longmire, Continuum, and am currently watching 3rd season of my all time favourite - Battlestar Galactica), cooked some nice meals.

Woke up on the first day, with a sore and swollen eye - Conjunctivitis again.  My 3rd bout of it in 3 months so it was down to the Dr to get a prescription to clean it up. It took several days to heal and thankfully, it wasn't both eyes this time.   The Dr ordered blood tests and a glucose tolerance test - so it was back on Monday to get all those tests done and back Friday morning to get results.  I already knew that I was glucose intolerant and classed as having prediabetes - thankfully, I haven't yet developed diabetes 2, but I've been told it's important to get everything under under control -  eating properly, exercise, losing weight (again). etc.  Bummer.

I've had several expeditions to Spotlight whilst I've been off and have bought some lovely fabrics.  I bought a pretty daisy print - actually it was a curtaining fabric.  A length of blue suiting - which I bought on Tuesday, only to discover it went on Sale on Wednesday at nearly half price - aarrgghh.  Why did I not read the catalogue more carefully?  On Friday, I bought a lime green rayon.  Lime is not really a colour I've worn in the past - but  I was drawn to this. 

In the past, I used to wash and iron every piece of fabric I bought - as soon as I got it.  In recent years, I've gotten lazy and have just put them away. 
I had the brilliant idea of washing quite a few pieces - that was easy.  Now it's time for ironing - which I hate, and it's taking ages to do.  Most of my fabrics are between 2m - 5m, so lots of ironing to do.

I've had to retake Laura's measurements.  Since starting Uni in March, she has lost about 16kg (35lb) in weight - lots of walking and stair climbing.

I spent 3 days this week waiting for a plumber I called to show up - he was supposed to be out Monday afternoon.  Neale rang again Thursday morning and he finally  sent one of his men around.  to do all that I needed doing.  He discovered that we had a as lea happening as well - so that got fixed as well.  Now I'm pretty sure that I won't be waiting for very long until his bill arrives though!  I wonder if I can charge him for my time wasted??
Now I need a plasterer to come in and fix up a hole in the cornice and ceiling - we had a heater in the lounge room that was removed by the plumber.  I think I'll just tape up the hole and wait to Neale has leave at the end of the year before we get that fixed up.

The weather has been glorious of late.  I'm hoping that all the cold weather is now a thing of the past.  My hayfever hasn't kicked in as yet - but I've stocked up with Zyrtec for when it does.

We've had to buy Laura a new laptop computer this morning - her laptop has just died (power supply problem)  she went to use it yesterday for her design work - assignment due on Monday and no go.  She can't get the info from it and we've now got to send it away for a warranty repair which could take several weeks. We're hoping that she'll be able to get the programs she used downloaded to this one and will just have to redo all the work again with apologies to the lecturer that her assignment will be late.  She's only got about a month of uni before 1st year exams start.  Not a good time for a computer to cark it.


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