Saturday, 16 June 2012

Totally Random Musings

More random musings from me  - in no particular order!

Still no sewing - this is the longest I've ever gone without sewing.

Phone call from Spotlight the other day that a pattern I wanted in April had come in - must be a Simplicity pattern (when it was on sale) as I buy all my other patterns from BMV.  No doubt I'll have to pay full price for this one!  I'll go in later today and pick it up.

I turned 46 in April - aarrgghh!  Had a lovely day and was thoroughly spoiled by Neale and the kids.

Weight loss/diet????  That all seems to have fallen by the wayside as soon as the weather turned yucky.
Although, this past week has been absolutely glorious - albeit cold.

Football is on today - I'm not a fan.  Why oh why did I buy a house directly opposite the local football oval???

It normally takes me approx 8 mins to drive to work.  Tuesday 2 weeks ago it took 1 hour.  Major flooding in the state after wild weather Monday night had cut off 2 roads from Churchill to Morwell.  Did I take it as a sign to stay home for the day???  No, I got out on the 4th back road I tried  - IDIOT!!!  Managed to make it home safely - left early though just to make sure.

No 3 son Hadden, turned 19 in may.  We all went out to tea at a Chinese Restaurant in Morwell and had a lovely meal.  Hadden is considering moving out - when he's saved some more money.  Neale and I have plans for the spare bedroom!  Hadden works full time (night shift) at Maccas.

Churchill Pizza make the best pizza - expensive, but the best!!  Actually, their pizza is reasonably priced - about $27 for 2 family pizzas - expensive comes into it for me as the pizza we had from 3 weeks ago has cost me $600-00.  I broke a tooth, which needed major restoration work.  Of course the dentist did a checkup, noticed a dark spot, whipped out an xray and said that that tooth needed repairing also.  Had the 2nd tooth done Thursday night after work - major restoration on that one too and Dr Caprara then says he hope that it lasts!  He hopes???  Apparently it's very close to needing a root canal.  So for not quite 2 hours work I'm $600 poorer - it takes me 38 hours to earn that kind of money !!!!

It's been a rotten long week at work - mind you that Monday was a public Holiday for the Queen's Birthday also - 4 days of problems!  Our Manager is on sick leave and will be until probably mid next month.  Melbourne head office, seems to think that 3 of us can run the whole office ourselves with no help at all.  I'm sure that none of them have looked at a map of Victoria and seen just  how big the Gippsland region actually is!

My Mum turned 70 last week.  We had a family celebration at a local restaurant  - 33of us!  It was great to catch up with all my brothers and sisters , their families and a couple of the aunts and uncles also. Mum had a good time.  One of my sister's had ordered a cake, so that was made short work of.

I bought myself a black 'boyfriend' style cardigan last night whilst out shopping - I have a thing for cardigans! (I've also got 3 on Layby!)  and also a grey boucle short jacket.   I'd just told Neale how I should have bought last week when I saw it a white/grey leopard fur coat when I saw it - and now the sizes they have left are too small. He said if you see something 'buy it straight away"  none of this dilly dallying etc.  So I did.  I've stil got the fur jacket on my mind and am now considering a drive to the next store down the raod - about 40 mins away, to see if they still have one in stock!

Neale and I celebrated our 26th Wedding Anniversary on 10th May.  We've been together as a couple for nearly 30 years.  Oh my!

Jen S.