Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Melbourne Cup Day Public Holiday

No work today due to the Melbourne Cup Public Holiday.  I'm not particularly interested in the horse race, but am loving the day off.  Neale, has had to work today (suffer darling!!) - he'll get a day off in lieu over the Christmas break from the University he works for.

I've been across to Spotlight in Traralgon this morning.  I discovered that Vogue patterns were on sale for $5.00 last night. I misread the sale catalogue I received last week and am happy I didn't miss it altogether.  I had been waiting for Vogue patterns to come on sale for ages.   I bought 11 patterns from my wish list and some more pieces of material - which is in the washing machine now.

Laura is planning on going to QLD in February with her boyfriend and a group of their friends. I'm hoping/wanting to make her some dresses and skirts to take.  I've bought a pile of  pretty rayons, cottons and  voile - they all meet with Laura's approval!  I've shown Laura some patterns and she's happy with my suggestions - it helps that she has marked pages of my pattern folders.  
Below are some of the patterns under consideration - no doubt it will be very warm/hot in QLD in February.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Shirt with pockets!

I bought myself a loose longline shirt on Friday night and have just put it on this morning - only to discover that it has inseam pockets!  I haven't seen this before - obviously I .don't get out much!  Anyway, this is a brilliant feature. A place for tissues instead stuffed into my bra!! Hayfever season  - thankfully it hasn't hit me hard yet.

I'm psyching myself up this afternoon to have a clean out of the storage locker - the boys have
"stored" a lot of rubbish down there over the years and i need to make some room.  Laura is giving up her lease on the room she has been renting in Melbourne and will be coming home tomorrow with her stuff that needs to be stored - bedframe, mattress, screen, chair, shelving units etc. Laura has finished uni for the year and doesn't go back until March next year.  She's got some people coming over tomorrow who might be interested in taking over her lease.  She'd rather keep the $2500 herself than pay for a room she no longer needs.  Heaven knows what she'll do next year - it's too far for a daily commute.


Monday, 31 August 2015

Winter is over.

Well - it is in 2 hours and 10 minutes!!!!

It has been very cold - our coldest in 26 years.
Yes, i know it gets colder in the northern hemisphere - you can keep that. Don't want to experience that - ever!!
Now hopefully, Spring is going to be lovely - and warm.  None of the normal rainy Springs we get!


Sunday, 10 May 2015