Friday, 30 March 2012

Totally Random Musings

 Friday - I've been waiting for Friday to come all week - nothing like wishing the time away!  Work has been pretty quiet all week.  Am so looking forward to the public holidays at Easter.

Daylight Savings finishes tomorrow- must remember to turn my clocks back.  Neale's looking forward to that as he hates daylight savings - but I really  like it.  I really don't like coming hoe from work at 5-00pm when it's already pitch back - admittedly, that won't be for some weeks yet, but still!

Neale has now sold 7 works of art - he's thrilled.

Hadden (19 year old son) had a run to Krispy Kreme at Fountain Gate tonight.  Thank heavens he's home early - but he came home with 4 boxes of donuts. Good grief, who is going to eat all of them?  Last time he went a couple of weeks ago, I had a rotten night, couldn't sleep etc - he finally got home at 2-30am. Talk about worried!

I got breathalysed  tonight coming home.  I passed!! Needed a couple of attempts at it - kept running out of breath and not to mention doing it wrong the first time!!   I'm sure the policeman thought he might have had another candidate for the booze bus!

Drinking some sparkling wine at the moment - Yellowglen Pink.  Needless to say, I'm not going anywhere else tonight!

Neale's Mum (she's 83) is in hospital at the moment, she's been in there for 2 weeks now and has pneumonia.  We're all desperately worried as she is so sick.  Tonight, I think she's looked the best that I've seen her.  She needs a procedure done  in Melbourne and will be transferred as soon as a bed is available.

Have been so tired this past week - so totally no exercise since last week.  Sensible eating went by the wayside, so it's back onto the straight and narrow.  I've become very good at forgiving myself when I lapse - probably not good.

Scales - I bought a new set tonight.  Totally convinced my current set are totally wrong.  They weighed me this morning about 5kg in my favour - so wrong.  I know I've gained weight again!  No way known I could've lost that amount in a couple of days!  Not too thrilled about jumping on and seeing what I've done. I also discovered I was sooo wrong in accepting the scales lower weight a couple of weeks ago.

Bloody mice!  I've got some critters in the house - I've heard them and we even got one in the bathroom the other night.  Thought I'd found all their entry points last time, but alas, obviously not!.  They've probably encouraged  their extended families to shift in too.  Set a pile of traps last night - empty they were today.  One trap was even missing the cheese!  I'm just  lulling them into a false sense of security.
So tomorrow, I'm on operation mouse hunt , eradication and cleanup..

Patterns - I've ordered yet more from BMV.  They should arrive early next week.

Have lost the television/playstation remote so I'm now having to use  the playstation controller to change channels etc.  Hopefully, it's been kicked under the couch and it will turn up tomorrow during operation mousehunt, eradication and cleanup!

Reading - have done heaps  of reading in the past week.  I've bought and downloaded some great books to my Ipad.  I'm currently reading a real book '''The Tinner's Corpse" by Bernard Knight.


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I didn't get my clearance.....

I've been to the Doctor's this afternoon - I'm so devastated (not!) that I had to leave 1/2 hour early from work to make the appointment also.
I went because I need a medical clearance before I can join the gym in town - well I didn't get my clearance and was told no way - not unless my blood pressure came down.  It was normal, last reading I had - but I've had high blood pressure in the past and today's reading was quite high - 164/104.  Arrgghh!!!!
I did take tablets 2 years ago for a couple of months - but they gave me a horrible allergic reaction so I stopped taking them and the Doctors I've seen since didn't seem concerned and one said they'd never heard of the medication giving someone that kind of reaction - got the impression she didn't believe me, but it looks like I'll be back on another brand before too long.

I've got a leaflet telling me to:
Lose weight  - well der, that's what I'm trying to do. 
Don't add salt - I don't
Eat a  low fat  - I try & do that (just ignore last week food intake - we just won't go there!)  Low fat milk, yoghurt, cheese, porridge, fruit, almonds, vegies etc.
At least 30 mins exercise daily - I'm getting in approx 1 hour and sometimes 2 a day. With the weather going to turn horrid soon I won't be able to do this and that's why I wanted to go to the gym - I'm not over fond of walking in a heavy downpour!
Drink less -  I've cut down and trying to drink on days of the week starting with S only
Don't Smoke - never have
Cut out Stress - I'm not stressed/anxious/worried/depressed etc

Oh well, on the bright side - I don't have to pay a monthly fee for gym membership at the moment!


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Look What Arrived Today

Last week I ordered this dressmaking model from an Ebay site in Melbourne and it was delivered to my office this afternoon.

I originally had a dressmaking model I had bought not long after I was married - but sold it after I outgrew it and I've kicked myself ever since!  I've now got this one set to my daughter Laura's measurements - but will need to alter the bust as she's very busty and the model is not so well endowed!
I did buy myself several years ago (Ebay again!) a used,  'full figured' model,   which I'm pleased to say will need a little adjusting now- downwards ,  but I'm a very long way from fitting (if ever) into this size. I might consider buying myself the next size up - once I've saved some more money though.

My next dilemma now  is where on earth am I going to store this  in my house?  My other model has been residing at in a shed for some time - the joys of living in a very small house!

Some Good News!

Neale received a telephone call today to say that the 3 photographs he had entered into a competition - Linden Postcard Show, run by the  Linden Galleries St Kilda in Melbourne had been sold - so he didn't need to have them posted back!  He's thrilled as it's 5 works  of his art that has been sold in the past 2 weeks.

Neale is also going to be very busy now on.   He currently  works 4 days a week at Monash Uni here in town, as well as studying part-time for his Masters in Fine Arts.  Now  he is now going to be teaching photography every Thursday  at the Tafe College in Newborough - beginning tomorrow, to Cert 4 and Diploma students.


Monday, 12 March 2012

Labor Day 2012

No work today as it's the Labor Day Public Holiday - hooray!!
I think that every weekend should be a 3 day long weekend - I could handle that quite well!

I'm off to clean the bathroom - thrill of thrills, and then on to do some vacuuming, mopping,   tidying etc, some reading, crocheting, some dvd watching, magazine reading, dreaming,  contemplating and planning.


Sunday, 11 March 2012

Weeks 9 & 10

I think I've lost 400gm over the past 2 weeks.  I'm saying 'think' because my bathroom scales appear to be on the blink today and have given me 2 different readings - I of course, choose to believe the lower reading!! (don't want to contemplate the higher reading - too depressing!)
Needless to say, next week's weigh in could be very interesting!

For week 9 I was on holidays from work, less exercise occurred due to the terrible weather and not to mention my hankering for iced cinnamon buns from the bakery - I know that didn't help, and I of course gained again.

I'm actually at approx the same weight I got to over 12 months ago before I plateaued and it was a case of lose a kg and then simply regain it.  I did that for 6 months which got to be depressing  I'm hoping I can move beyond  that point this time.

I've been to the gymnasium here in town to check out membership prices and I think I'll join.  The weather will soon make it harder to go walking and I figure that going to the gym of an evening  instead will help.  Before I join though, I'll need a clearance cert. from a Doctor - due to my advanced age.  I'm 45.  The gym's rules are that persons 45+ be cleared by a Doctor before joining.  I'll see if I can get an appointment over the next week or so.

I am starting to notice a difference in the way some clothes fit.  I've lost some cms from my lower hips, mms from my thighs and calves!  My husband says he can see my knees and ankles now! It's a start!
I've seen the weather forecast for the next week - very promising.  I'll probably be able to walk morning and evenings.


Saturday, 10 March 2012

Cowwarr Art Space


This is where I spent the afternoon of Sunday 4th March 2012!

My husband Neale had an opening for his exhibition of work "Small Reminders of Non-existent Events"
It was a very successful opening with about 60 people in attendance and he had 2 works sold on the day which was absolutely fantastic.  Hopefully, some more will be sold  during the course of the exhibition.

I've just clicked on the link and some photos are up on the website - I'm the one in the pink cardigan.  In one of the photos, I'm standing next to Neale, and next to me is Emma, my son Morgan's girl friend and next to her is Morgan.

Neale has taken his parents today out to Cowwarr to show them the exhibition as they were unable to make it last week as my Mother in Law was sick .