Saturday, 10 March 2012

On Holidays

I've been on holidays  27/2/2012 - 2/3/2012 and holidayed here!
Okay, I stayed at home for the week and totally chilled, relaxed and vegged out.  It was sooo nice not having to go to work - although I was called twice!

I did lots of reading, caught up on some "Dead Zone"DVDs I was given for Christmas, cooked some great meals, ran kids into the Morwell train station a couple of times, wandered through Spotlight, bought some material (hounds-tooth and some gabardine and lining fabric and zips) bought a pile of magazines and a couple of patterns.

I started crocheting another blanket - this one for me.  It's in a cheap variegated wool I bought  from Big W in shades of dark brown, beige, medium and dark green.  I plan to edge it in a burgundy.  I'm currently using ball no 5 and have estimated - using the one I made last year as a guide, that it will take 16 balls of the variegated wool.  It's looking good so far - and will keep me warm of an evening as I crochet it.

Have been back at work for this week - took me a couple of days to catch up and sort things that weren't done!


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