Friday, 30 March 2012

Totally Random Musings

 Friday - I've been waiting for Friday to come all week - nothing like wishing the time away!  Work has been pretty quiet all week.  Am so looking forward to the public holidays at Easter.

Daylight Savings finishes tomorrow- must remember to turn my clocks back.  Neale's looking forward to that as he hates daylight savings - but I really  like it.  I really don't like coming hoe from work at 5-00pm when it's already pitch back - admittedly, that won't be for some weeks yet, but still!

Neale has now sold 7 works of art - he's thrilled.

Hadden (19 year old son) had a run to Krispy Kreme at Fountain Gate tonight.  Thank heavens he's home early - but he came home with 4 boxes of donuts. Good grief, who is going to eat all of them?  Last time he went a couple of weeks ago, I had a rotten night, couldn't sleep etc - he finally got home at 2-30am. Talk about worried!

I got breathalysed  tonight coming home.  I passed!! Needed a couple of attempts at it - kept running out of breath and not to mention doing it wrong the first time!!   I'm sure the policeman thought he might have had another candidate for the booze bus!

Drinking some sparkling wine at the moment - Yellowglen Pink.  Needless to say, I'm not going anywhere else tonight!

Neale's Mum (she's 83) is in hospital at the moment, she's been in there for 2 weeks now and has pneumonia.  We're all desperately worried as she is so sick.  Tonight, I think she's looked the best that I've seen her.  She needs a procedure done  in Melbourne and will be transferred as soon as a bed is available.

Have been so tired this past week - so totally no exercise since last week.  Sensible eating went by the wayside, so it's back onto the straight and narrow.  I've become very good at forgiving myself when I lapse - probably not good.

Scales - I bought a new set tonight.  Totally convinced my current set are totally wrong.  They weighed me this morning about 5kg in my favour - so wrong.  I know I've gained weight again!  No way known I could've lost that amount in a couple of days!  Not too thrilled about jumping on and seeing what I've done. I also discovered I was sooo wrong in accepting the scales lower weight a couple of weeks ago.

Bloody mice!  I've got some critters in the house - I've heard them and we even got one in the bathroom the other night.  Thought I'd found all their entry points last time, but alas, obviously not!.  They've probably encouraged  their extended families to shift in too.  Set a pile of traps last night - empty they were today.  One trap was even missing the cheese!  I'm just  lulling them into a false sense of security.
So tomorrow, I'm on operation mouse hunt , eradication and cleanup..

Patterns - I've ordered yet more from BMV.  They should arrive early next week.

Have lost the television/playstation remote so I'm now having to use  the playstation controller to change channels etc.  Hopefully, it's been kicked under the couch and it will turn up tomorrow during operation mousehunt, eradication and cleanup!

Reading - have done heaps  of reading in the past week.  I've bought and downloaded some great books to my Ipad.  I'm currently reading a real book '''The Tinner's Corpse" by Bernard Knight.


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  1. Life wasn`t meant to be easy ! COngrats on all those sales though. My oldest daughter just turned 18 this week - she hasn`t completed her hours yet for her Ps so I have quite a few weeks before I have the start of that worry career. Good luck with your weight loss. Janine.