Monday, 24 September 2012

Back to Work.

I've recovered from tonsillitis,  so it was back to work this morning - after I had been cleared by the Doctor.
Will admit that I wanted a longer than 2 week break from work - but that was not quite how I envisioned spending my time. Truly a cruddy and painful week/time. Thankfully, I only get tonsillitis every couple of years.
Neale looked after me most excellently though..
 I have another appt with Dr Mundae next week - my blood pressure was still high, so he was going to up my medication - until I said I wasn't taking any, so have been prescribed another hypertensive and will get checked again next week to see how I'm going with that one.  Fun - not!

Unfortunately, last week turned rotten for the family - my BIL, after not being in contact with my FIL on Thursday at all and unable to be contacted, Neale went around to his flat and broke in - to discover that he had passed away.  So, so sad, as Rod was only 61 - so lots of arrangements have been made and still to be made.  The funeral is on Wednesday, so I've got another couple of days off work this week.

STRATFORD, Rodney (Rod;
Stratty) Raymond.
Passed away peacefully at home, on 20 September, 2012.
Aged 61 years
Much loved son of Alf and Shirley (dec). Loved brother of Rose-Marie (dec), and Neale, brother-in-law of Jenny. Uncle of Thomas, Morgan, Hadden and Laura.
Forever in our thoughts
Reunited with his Mum

Those horrible people at BMV got me again last week - in my sleep deprived, drugged out brain I managed to nearly clean up my ''wishlist'' and have 15 more patterns on their way to me.  According to the tracking no. several days ago they were in Chicago!

Work wise - they saved me heaps to do/sort out.  First thing tomorrow, I've got to get a payroll done and all the invoicing that goes with it and then will sort out the debtor's reports - aarrgghh!

Finally finished watching season 1 of Mad Men - actually, I stated from the start again and watched the whole season in one go.  It was very good.

Time for bed - 6-40am comes around all too soon.


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I'm so sick.

I have tonsillitis and am so not happy.
Needless to say, i haven't gone back to work!
I started feeling ill on Sunday night and Neale ended up taking me to the emergency dept at the hospital in the early  hours of Monday morning.  No waiting at the hospial - straight in-very impressed. I was released at 8-30am with a handful of drugs and after blood work said that i had a bacterial  infection they thought it might've been flu at first but no, it was tonsillitis.  My throat s so sore and on  fire - with killer headaches. And temperature has been going up and down.  Can't eat, can't sleep, so tired and so very sore and in so much pain -  would count this as one of the worst attacks i have ever had.  Neale has stayed home from work to look after me and has done an excellent job.  I have an appointment to see my doctor  tomorrow afternoon and i'm going to request tobe given Thurs and Fri off work as i can't handle the thought of work at the moment and don't think i'll be well enough.


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Procrastination -

thy name is Jenny!!

I admit it. I'm the world's worst procrastinator!!!
I have sewn - a button on a shirt.  Yay me - but not much else is happening!

I've become Laura's taxi service (Laura is my 16 year old daughter).  Yesterday it was a trip to Traralgon to buy art supplies from Officeworks.  Tonight I need to run her into work - she works at Morwell McDonalds and works until 10-45 pm. After dropping her off at work I've got to go to Parent/Teacher interviews at her high school.

I've spent the morning shopping - scored a cappuccino with my Father - My brothers and sisters know if we want a coffee - just find the parents at morning tea time at the shopping centre (works a treat!)
He and a whole group of cronies meet up (probably daily) for coffee at Midvalley. It's a very social thing they've got going on.   Mum had gone to her line dancing class so she wasn't there today.

I didn't buy too much - had warned Neale I was going to spend a fortune - but our account is safe.  I bought a couple of pairs  of earrings, a necklace and a new handbag.  Sanity prevailed and I cancelled the layby I put on the the other week.  Have no chance of losing that amount of weight to be able to wear the clothes I had had put away.  I tried on  a heap today, but nothing really appealed/fitted etc which was pretty disappointing. 
Went bra shopping also - joy of joys!  That was a failed undertaking.  Tried on so many, but couldn't get the fitting and style correct. Yes, I am in the wrong size - the band needs to go up at least 1 size and the cup, well that needs to increase as well.  The lingerie shop is ordering in some more sizes of one style for me to try - but they won't be in stock for about a month.

I had intended to go to the sewing group meeting that Janine had told me about last weekend - so much for good intentions.  I got tied up with family commitments on Saturday and not to mention that the weather was pretty atrocious ( I don't like driving in bad weather at any time) and Sunday I was sick with a blinding headache that wouldn't quit.  Hopefully, I can get to the next one.

Jenny S.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Where to start?

Let me start by saying - I love being on holidays!!! I'm not missing work - but they're missing me so I've been told.  Only 1 phonecall so far.

I like the fact that I'm not having to rush out the door just after 8-00am to get to work - but still have to get up early to get Laura to school on time - boy, can that girl drag the chain!  It was even earlier this morning as she had to get to the train station in Morwell early as she has a school trip to Melbourne.  Must remember to pick her up at 5.30pm. (yes I forgot to pick her up the other week - she was not too impressed!)

I've been reading - heaps.  Going to work really cut into my reading time - so I'm making up for it now. It was not unheard of me to read upwards of  3 books a day at one stage (sometimes more!) - now it takes me a day or so to read one! Downloading books to my Ipad is just too convenient and too easy though.

Watching dvds.. I decided to re-watch Battlestar Galactica - one of my favourites, am watching the 3rd season now!

I've washed about 9 lengths of material that I've bought, I've bought some more sewing supplies, I've catalogued patterns (photocopied both sides of the pattern envelope and stored them in a binder) and that's as far as it's got - so far. I've got my eye on another length of material I saw when I as in Spotlight earlier this week - so I'll probably get that and some lining fabric to match when I go back into Morwell later this afternoon.  It's payday today for Neale - we're rich for the day!

McCalls 5978 (OOP) is the first pattern I plan to make up.  I've got a remnant of a houndstooth  knit I bought from Spotlight for about $1-00 some time ago and hope that it's enough for this cardigan.  My sewing machine and overlocker are already threaded with black thread also - bonus!
I've got a thing for cardigans - they're so versatile.

I've started knitting myself a scarf/wrap - I so liked the one that  from Carolyn blogged about a couple of months ago.  I bought myself some chenille wool and started knitting.  Well I haven't knitted anything for years - and I was never very proficient either. I'm not happy with the tension I've got and will up the needle size - again! I've dropped a pile of stitches - not unless I counted wrong,  so I'll start again.  Hopefully, I can learn to count in the meantime!