Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Procrastination -

thy name is Jenny!!

I admit it. I'm the world's worst procrastinator!!!
I have sewn - a button on a shirt.  Yay me - but not much else is happening!

I've become Laura's taxi service (Laura is my 16 year old daughter).  Yesterday it was a trip to Traralgon to buy art supplies from Officeworks.  Tonight I need to run her into work - she works at Morwell McDonalds and works until 10-45 pm. After dropping her off at work I've got to go to Parent/Teacher interviews at her high school.

I've spent the morning shopping - scored a cappuccino with my Father - My brothers and sisters know if we want a coffee - just find the parents at morning tea time at the shopping centre (works a treat!)
He and a whole group of cronies meet up (probably daily) for coffee at Midvalley. It's a very social thing they've got going on.   Mum had gone to her line dancing class so she wasn't there today.

I didn't buy too much - had warned Neale I was going to spend a fortune - but our account is safe.  I bought a couple of pairs  of earrings, a necklace and a new handbag.  Sanity prevailed and I cancelled the layby I put on the the other week.  Have no chance of losing that amount of weight to be able to wear the clothes I had had put away.  I tried on  a heap today, but nothing really appealed/fitted etc which was pretty disappointing. 
Went bra shopping also - joy of joys!  That was a failed undertaking.  Tried on so many, but couldn't get the fitting and style correct. Yes, I am in the wrong size - the band needs to go up at least 1 size and the cup, well that needs to increase as well.  The lingerie shop is ordering in some more sizes of one style for me to try - but they won't be in stock for about a month.

I had intended to go to the sewing group meeting that Janine had told me about last weekend - so much for good intentions.  I got tied up with family commitments on Saturday and not to mention that the weather was pretty atrocious ( I don't like driving in bad weather at any time) and Sunday I was sick with a blinding headache that wouldn't quit.  Hopefully, I can get to the next one.

Jenny S.

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  1. Never mind! I did not get to go to sewing group either. I had to work Saturday morning - managed to flatten the car battery while I was there and by time the RACV came , drove around for a while , went shopping it was almost 2 o clock and on Sunday we were involved with Sustainable House Day which went from 9.00 to 4.00. I hope to get to the next one as well.