Tuesday, 25 February 2014

We're Empty Nesters

After 25 1/2 years, Neale and I are now empty nesters!!!

On Sunday, we took Laura to Melboune  - and left her there!!!  
Laura starts at RMIT in Melboune next week.  She's going to be doing a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design - she takes after Neale and is very artistic and is very into computer/console gaming etc. We've got her accommodation in a UniLodge about 5 mins walk  from the University.  We took down her stuff and helped her get settled.
She'll be coming back home this Friday/Saturday and I'll go back with her on Sunday -  we'll take some more of her clothes and things  for her then.
Laura was given a small scholarship also by the University which is a great help - we've applied for a Youth allowance for her and hopefully she/we will qualify for  - anything to help cover the accommodation fees.  If we don't qualify, I told Neale to get another job!!!!

Neale is busy this Sunday - setting up his art show at the  gallery here in Churchill at Federation Uni.  This is Neale's show for his Master of Fine Arts degree.  He had to hand in his exegesis in January (19000 words and 90 pages long).  he's got 15 of his artworks printed up for this show.  Opening night is on Tuesday 3/3 - the culmination of 4 years part-time study.
He's now mentioning do his doctorate - 8 years part-time and will most likely stat that next year.

Sewing wise for me - just some mending and reading lots of magazines. I got a phone call from the newsagents in Morwell requesting that I pick up my collection of Threads and Vogue magazines - 5 of them!  Gulp, very expensive to pick up all in one hit!

I finally found pininterest and some time to have a look at it.  Have been pinning clothes that I like and what I think that Laura would/might like. 

Happy Wednesday

Jen xx


  1. Oh Jen - what a big change !I know some are pleased and some are sad with this. Our eldest daughter has also just fled the nest but I still have two at home to cluck over . Hope to see you at sewing group.

  2. Yay my comment worked, I tried several times yesterday - I think it must be something to do with my ipad.

  3. Janine, my ipad is pretty tempermental (sp) with blogger. Drives me crazy!! It is so strange with no kids at home, but mind you, i came home from work on Monday night to see all 3 boys cars parked out the front and them all wanting to know what was for tea - because they were hungry!!