Saturday, 8 January 2011


I'm still photocopying the pattern envelopes - another two tubs to do. I'll probably stop by my office later today and get some more photocopying done. Now that I've got this project underway - I want it finished as soon as possible. Not to mention that it is so nice just to pull out a binder and flick through to see what I already have. Dreams and possibilities!!

I bought a tool box last night - to use as a sewing box. I did have a large crafters box I was using, but find it's just too big for me and takes up too much shelf space in my cupboard.

It's a very quiet Saturday morning here - I've been up for 3 hours already and the rest of the family are still sleeping - slugs that they are! It's already starting to heat up and temps are supposed to be over 30 degrees which I suppose is not to bad - but I hate the heat at anytime!


Thursday, 6 January 2011


Another year begun........

I'm not going to make resolutions - I'm hoping to realise some personal goals though.

* To lose more weight - I'm aiming for 10kgs for the year which I feel is doable. I lost 11 kgs in 7 months last year and feeling better and healthier because of that. I was diagnosed with pre diabetes/ diabetes 2 last April and have had to make changes.

* To continue with my exercise routine which has now become a habit. I walk approx 5kms every morning before leaving for work and that certainly has helped immensely. I download audible books to my Ipod and I enjoy having the book read to me as I walk!

* To sew for me - because I deserve it! ( not to mention that I need clothes -who doesn't?)

* To buy some more fabulous shoes - and wear them! Have discovered a penchant for shoes and bought some ab fab heels last year. Have even worn several of them!!

I started off this year by cleaning up all my sewing gear and sorting through it all. I cleaned out my sewing cupboard - I found so many ufos, clothes I was making for DD Laura when she was little - She turns 15 next week! I'll get 'round to completing them as I've got 3 little nieces who could stand to benefit.
All my childrens patterns, I've put into a storage container and I'll store them at our storage locker didn't realise that I had so many.
I've sorted out all my patterns and put them into tubs. I'm presently photocopying the envelopes so I can keep them in a folder - easier to look at and see what I've got and saves dragging out all the containers to sort through!

I downloaded an app for my Ipod to keep track of patterns and hopefully, now I won't double up because I've forgotten what I've already bought! You can also list projects, fabrics, measurement sets - very handy app.

I bought 3 McCalls patterns from Spotlight last Sunday($25-00) and Sunday night I ordered another 7 from the BMV site for a cost of $48-00 which included $25-00 for shipping. Now if I'd bought those patterns here in Australia at 1/2 price (current sale on at Spotlight for VIP members!) , they would still have come to $85-00. Bargain! Received an email yesterday to say that the patterns have been shipped - so hopefully, early next week, they'll be here.

Reading all my favourite blogs I've seen some fabulous clothes and that is truly inspiring. Talk about enabling also - my pattern collection has grown exponentially.