Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Home Alone

I'm home alone and trying to keep warm.

I'm currently off work on sick leave. I woke up early yesterday with a funny tummy and feeling very queasy. so thought I'd take a sick leave  day - normally I'd go to work .  Today I'm somewhat recovered but with a nagging headache so elected to stay home and rest/relax.  Probably a very mild dose of gastro - but not fun.  I've been reading and watching dvds.  I'm on a ''Lord of the Rings" marathon today.

Neale   flew to Adelaide yesterday to attend the funeral for one of his cousins - he's due home tomorrow night.
Neale finally completed his exergesis for his Master of Fine Arts - it's been a long 4 years studying part time.  He's been officially told he has passed.  He is now in the process of completing the paperwork to enrol in doing his Phd. - another 8 years of study coming up, although he hopes to complete it a little faster than that.

Work has been extremely busy up until last month.  I was unable to take my usual 2 week break in March.   The company I woke for was awarded the contract for '├žleaning of Morwell' after the mine fire, so that kept everyone hopping.  I think we organised cleaning of over 900 houses, all council buildings and streets throughout 4 towns.  We also had to start 2 very big contracts at the same time.
I've got 2 weeks annual leave booked in for September and so can't wait.
Was not feeling the love for work last week - the Manager and I really got reamed out by the 2IC of the company a week ago.  Apparently nothing I/we  do is done the company way and if I hear the phrase 'moving forward' one more time, I'm going to scream!  I really can't stand 'management speak'.

Laura has completed her 1st semester of University. She's been at home for the past 6 weeks on mid year break - but went back to Melbourne on Monday - Uni parties to attend!!  She texted me her results yesterday - 3 distinctions and a credit and she thought she wasn't doing well..  Very proud of her.

Morgan - son no 2, was in a car accident a month ago - not the phone call anyone wants to receive. I'd just walked in the door when Morgan rang to say he'd been in an accident.  He's okay, but wrote off his car.  He had to brake suddenly causing him to skid and veer into an embankment and ended up flipping his car onto the roof.  Thankfully he was unhurt and didn't hit anyone else.  Unfortunately, it has proved to be a very costly exercise as he had neglected to pay his car insurance and still has a sizable loan to pay off.  I'm just thankful he escaped uninjured.  Of course it was so dark,cold,wet and windy the night of the accident and I just can't get over that I was just 2 minutes ahead of him on the road.

My sewing room is in a mess - alas, not from my industries.  The family (Neale & Laura) have put some stuff in there for the time being- to get it out of their rooms etc!!  I'm redepositing it all back to them - well apart from the bed frame and mattress that managed to find it's way there instead of the shed.
I've been stalking the pattern websites for latest offerings.  I quite like M6995 and M6993 (skirt & Jacket) and also M6996 (cardigan)

M6995 & M6993

 Have just seen the Vogue have release their Autumn patterns - I've got 7 of the new ones added to my wish list - just waiting for a very good sale at BMV now.
I've bought some very nice fabrics from Spotlight - cotton sateen  and some knits.  I love corduroy - but managed to restrain myself as I have several (okay quite a few - maybe alot) pieces already in my collection.

Best wishes,

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