Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Friday On My Mind

Two more days of work until I'm on holidays....

I'm holidaying in sunny Churchill - maybe not so sunny as I've seen the weather forecast for the next few days and it's going to be cutting up pretty rough. Oh well.

Those people at Club BMV got me again in their latest sale last week - I've got another 18 patterns winging their way to me.  They're not all for me though as I've bought a handful for my son Morgan's girlfriend Emma,  for her birthday in November.

Am planning to sew whilst I'm off - trying to work out what to sew first.  Decisions, Decisions! Am going to make Neale's day when I touch/move his school stuff on the kitchen table to give me some sewing room.

I've got some summer gear on layby - 2 pairs of coloured jeans, a pair of shorts, a knee length chino skirt and a cropped denim jacket.  I'm never ready to buy clothes until virtually the end of the season, so this year I'm preparing early.  The upside is they are all size 18, downsize is - I'm not!!!!  Have never done that before, so it's pretty much an incentive to re-lose the weight - again!   That 6 kg I lost at the start of the year, found me over winter when I turned slothful and gave up the daily walking.

Jen S.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Counting down to ...

I'm counting down to holidays!!!  Time off work and I can't wait.

I've put in for he first 2 weeks of September - 14 days of work to go!!
For the past 2 years I've only taken leave in 1 week blocks - being considerate of my fellow employees with them not having to deal with too much of my work (reception/administration/debt collection/payroll/laundry/goat feeding and wrangling - just to name a few duties!) Unfortunately, 1 week off is just not enough so I'm going for the 2 this time  - I'll still have about 8 days in reserve.
Haven't got anything planned as such - cleaning as usual, cooking some great meals - maybe a day trip to Melbourne. Sewing?  I say that every holiday and hopefully I'll get something done at last.
Neale had suggested that we go away for a week or so to Tasmania at the start of this year - but that's not happening now.  He's been offered a chance to study for 4 -5 weeks at the Monash campus in Italy about this time next year - in time for the Venice Biennale (sp?)  We won't know for some time if he's selected - but he'll need to save his holidays up for that if he's chosen - so he'll get paid as per normal whilst away.

Have been buying heaps of patterns - I had 3 parcels in July from BMV.  I see the word SALE and I'm theirs!  Look, there might be a pattern drought in years to come - so I'm preparing.  Yes, I know I could draft a pattern myself, but that's beside the point!
I have actually bought several lengths of material from Spotlight these past couple of weeks - more sales.  I bought 3 metres of a fur I've had my eye on for months and managed to get it for $50-00.  Bargain!

My oldest baby (Thomas) is turning 24 on Saturday - oh wow!  He's going to be in Melbourne for the weekend - "Manifest" (anime  convention?) is on and apparently it's very important.  He's coming around on the Monday after he gets back home

Janine from (Interrupted Sutures) has just let me know about a local sewing group which sounds really interesting - and motivating.

We have experienced a couple of decent sized earthquakes in the past 2 months.  The first one in June measured 5.3 on the Richter scale with the epicentre about 20 kms from us.  Lots of noise  and shaking etc - I first thought we had a huge truck going past the house - then a helicopter was landing on the roof!!.  There was another quake last month measuring about 4.3 with the epicentre at the same spot or so.  No damage to the house etc , but I do know that one of my workmates, her house in Traralgon was damaged and she is now having to deal with the insurance company - they're requesting proof that there was an earthquake!!

Jenny S