Monday, 13 August 2012

Counting down to ...

I'm counting down to holidays!!!  Time off work and I can't wait.

I've put in for he first 2 weeks of September - 14 days of work to go!!
For the past 2 years I've only taken leave in 1 week blocks - being considerate of my fellow employees with them not having to deal with too much of my work (reception/administration/debt collection/payroll/laundry/goat feeding and wrangling - just to name a few duties!) Unfortunately, 1 week off is just not enough so I'm going for the 2 this time  - I'll still have about 8 days in reserve.
Haven't got anything planned as such - cleaning as usual, cooking some great meals - maybe a day trip to Melbourne. Sewing?  I say that every holiday and hopefully I'll get something done at last.
Neale had suggested that we go away for a week or so to Tasmania at the start of this year - but that's not happening now.  He's been offered a chance to study for 4 -5 weeks at the Monash campus in Italy about this time next year - in time for the Venice Biennale (sp?)  We won't know for some time if he's selected - but he'll need to save his holidays up for that if he's chosen - so he'll get paid as per normal whilst away.

Have been buying heaps of patterns - I had 3 parcels in July from BMV.  I see the word SALE and I'm theirs!  Look, there might be a pattern drought in years to come - so I'm preparing.  Yes, I know I could draft a pattern myself, but that's beside the point!
I have actually bought several lengths of material from Spotlight these past couple of weeks - more sales.  I bought 3 metres of a fur I've had my eye on for months and managed to get it for $50-00.  Bargain!

My oldest baby (Thomas) is turning 24 on Saturday - oh wow!  He's going to be in Melbourne for the weekend - "Manifest" (anime  convention?) is on and apparently it's very important.  He's coming around on the Monday after he gets back home

Janine from (Interrupted Sutures) has just let me know about a local sewing group which sounds really interesting - and motivating.

We have experienced a couple of decent sized earthquakes in the past 2 months.  The first one in June measured 5.3 on the Richter scale with the epicentre about 20 kms from us.  Lots of noise  and shaking etc - I first thought we had a huge truck going past the house - then a helicopter was landing on the roof!!.  There was another quake last month measuring about 4.3 with the epicentre at the same spot or so.  No damage to the house etc , but I do know that one of my workmates, her house in Traralgon was damaged and she is now having to deal with the insurance company - they're requesting proof that there was an earthquake!!

Jenny S

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