Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Friday On My Mind

Two more days of work until I'm on holidays....

I'm holidaying in sunny Churchill - maybe not so sunny as I've seen the weather forecast for the next few days and it's going to be cutting up pretty rough. Oh well.

Those people at Club BMV got me again in their latest sale last week - I've got another 18 patterns winging their way to me.  They're not all for me though as I've bought a handful for my son Morgan's girlfriend Emma,  for her birthday in November.

Am planning to sew whilst I'm off - trying to work out what to sew first.  Decisions, Decisions! Am going to make Neale's day when I touch/move his school stuff on the kitchen table to give me some sewing room.

I've got some summer gear on layby - 2 pairs of coloured jeans, a pair of shorts, a knee length chino skirt and a cropped denim jacket.  I'm never ready to buy clothes until virtually the end of the season, so this year I'm preparing early.  The upside is they are all size 18, downsize is - I'm not!!!!  Have never done that before, so it's pretty much an incentive to re-lose the weight - again!   That 6 kg I lost at the start of the year, found me over winter when I turned slothful and gave up the daily walking.

Jen S.

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