Thursday, 6 September 2012

Where to start?

Let me start by saying - I love being on holidays!!! I'm not missing work - but they're missing me so I've been told.  Only 1 phonecall so far.

I like the fact that I'm not having to rush out the door just after 8-00am to get to work - but still have to get up early to get Laura to school on time - boy, can that girl drag the chain!  It was even earlier this morning as she had to get to the train station in Morwell early as she has a school trip to Melbourne.  Must remember to pick her up at 5.30pm. (yes I forgot to pick her up the other week - she was not too impressed!)

I've been reading - heaps.  Going to work really cut into my reading time - so I'm making up for it now. It was not unheard of me to read upwards of  3 books a day at one stage (sometimes more!) - now it takes me a day or so to read one! Downloading books to my Ipad is just too convenient and too easy though.

Watching dvds.. I decided to re-watch Battlestar Galactica - one of my favourites, am watching the 3rd season now!

I've washed about 9 lengths of material that I've bought, I've bought some more sewing supplies, I've catalogued patterns (photocopied both sides of the pattern envelope and stored them in a binder) and that's as far as it's got - so far. I've got my eye on another length of material I saw when I as in Spotlight earlier this week - so I'll probably get that and some lining fabric to match when I go back into Morwell later this afternoon.  It's payday today for Neale - we're rich for the day!

McCalls 5978 (OOP) is the first pattern I plan to make up.  I've got a remnant of a houndstooth  knit I bought from Spotlight for about $1-00 some time ago and hope that it's enough for this cardigan.  My sewing machine and overlocker are already threaded with black thread also - bonus!
I've got a thing for cardigans - they're so versatile.

I've started knitting myself a scarf/wrap - I so liked the one that  from Carolyn blogged about a couple of months ago.  I bought myself some chenille wool and started knitting.  Well I haven't knitted anything for years - and I was never very proficient either. I'm not happy with the tension I've got and will up the needle size - again! I've dropped a pile of stitches - not unless I counted wrong,  so I'll start again.  Hopefully, I can learn to count in the meantime!


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