Thursday, 6 July 2017

May/June Pattern Haul

Hi All.

Still no luck as yet on the job front - although I attended an initial interview on Monday morning  for a part-time reception position at a local lawyer's office and received a phonecall yesterday -  they want me to come back for a second interview on next Monday morning. Here's hoping and fingers and toes are crossed!  I even contacted the CEO of the previous company I worked for - had nothing to lose.  Unfotunately nothing available as yet due to waiting to hear about contracts gone out to tender, so I'm hopeful I might hear word at the end of the month/mid August.

I've been ironing - the family are yet to recover from the shock!  Totally dislike ironing, so I let it go until it's of Mt Everest dimensions (or so it seems to me) before I tackle it.  Anyway, I'm pleased to say I'm now down to only 3 baskets to go.  Have been rediscovering my clothes and have piles for tossing, donating and mending.

I've acquired more  patterns - What's new?   I bought the McCalls patterns from Spotlight last week - I bought 6 patterns for $21.  Have just noticed that one of the patterns, missed being catalogued.  The new Look, Threadcount and Butterick patterns came as extras with the UK sewing magazines I bought.  Really happy with the Butterick #5488 as it has a larger size range than the one I bought some years ago - I seem to have grown a tad, unfortunately not heightwise.