Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Look What Arrived Today

Last week I ordered this dressmaking model from an Ebay site in Melbourne and it was delivered to my office this afternoon.

I originally had a dressmaking model I had bought not long after I was married - but sold it after I outgrew it and I've kicked myself ever since!  I've now got this one set to my daughter Laura's measurements - but will need to alter the bust as she's very busty and the model is not so well endowed!
I did buy myself several years ago (Ebay again!) a used,  'full figured' model,   which I'm pleased to say will need a little adjusting now- downwards ,  but I'm a very long way from fitting (if ever) into this size. I might consider buying myself the next size up - once I've saved some more money though.

My next dilemma now  is where on earth am I going to store this  in my house?  My other model has been residing at in a shed for some time - the joys of living in a very small house!

Some Good News!

Neale received a telephone call today to say that the 3 photographs he had entered into a competition - Linden Postcard Show, run by the  Linden Galleries St Kilda in Melbourne had been sold - so he didn't need to have them posted back!  He's thrilled as it's 5 works  of his art that has been sold in the past 2 weeks.

Neale is also going to be very busy now on.   He currently  works 4 days a week at Monash Uni here in town, as well as studying part-time for his Masters in Fine Arts.  Now  he is now going to be teaching photography every Thursday  at the Tafe College in Newborough - beginning tomorrow, to Cert 4 and Diploma students.



  1. congratulations for your husband - you must very proud ! I know an artist who sells her work and she says it is not easy at all.
    I gave away my dressform to the op shop - stupid stupid stupid - I so regret this now.

  2. Congratulations to your husband on the success of his photography! And that is one handsome mannequin, trust me, you won't look back!
    Thank you so much for your congratulations!