Saturday, 26 January 2013

Happy Australia Day 2013

I have spent the day very quietly - so far!!  Have been so looking forward  to the long weekend.
This morning I worked on some work (payroll/invoices) that I brought home with me to do- or else I'll have a few miffed cleaners wondering why they haven't been paid next Wednesday night. Must remember to email it all to the payroll on Tuesday morning! I've dropped the completed work at the office and fed Luigi (our goat) whilst I was there.

I've been into Spotlight this afternoon - bought 2 gorgeous lengths of material from the sale table and a lining material to match the printed satin. The lining fabric was ''Sunsilky'' which I like better than the "bemsilk".  Unfortunately, that wasn't on sale and cost more than the printed satin.  After I had left, I realised that I should have bought the matching threads for the sewing machine and overlocker.  I can't stand having missmatched sewing threads!  I'll get them next week - before Spotlight moves to Traralgon.  They open in Traralgon February 20th and will be starting to move stock accross to there in the next couple of weeks.

I'm still buying patterns - can't resist a sale!!  I've got another 7  that should be arriving next week.  Have just seen last night that the new Vogues were uploaded and have already added quite a few of them to my wishlist.

I received a shipment from Amazon  just a couple of weeks ago of books on  sewing and fashion, that I had ordered just before Christmas. Very inspring.  I've still got one more book to be shipped - It's a V&A book on underwear.  Looking forward to receiving that one soonish - I hope!

My Laura turned 17, 2 weeks ago.  Oh wow - can't believe how grown up she is now.  She's busily doing English  holiday homework at the moment (cough, cough!) that she has to do before school starts back on Friday.  Laura has given up her part-time job with Maccas - she wants to concentrate on Year 12 and has a considerable load as she is doing 3 folio art subjects this year. Neales is taking her to Melbourne next Wenesday - they are going to go look at art galleries and both are looking forward to that.

Morgan, my 2nd child, turned 23 last week.  We all met up at my Father in Law's house in Morwell for lunch, which was nice.  Morgan is still not working full-time - despite been promised full time work when he was employed - he's finding it tough going.  I've been able to give him some cleaning work this past week - he's looking forward to payday! 


Love Jen

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