Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a wonderful, safe and happy New Year in 2013.

It's nearly 10-00pm as I'm typing this.   I'm watching the Edinburgh Military Tattoo on tv - followed by Last Night of the Proms - my standard new Year's Eve viewing!!  Laura hasn't stopped moaning about it!

I'm actually going to sew this year - shock, horror, gasp!  
Thomas (my oldest son) has come over tonight with some mending to do - that's just not exciting!
Neale, my husband, has finally given up the dining table - he commandeered it several years ago when he started his Masters degree.  He got the degree and then promptly undertook another Masters degree! Now, he's cleaned it off and said I can have it - my sewing machines are being set up tomorrow.
I nearly scored a bedroom to use - Hadden (19 year old son) was planning on moving out into a flat-but he's changed his mind and has bought a new car instead.

I've given in - last night of the Proms is off and we're now watching Harry Potter - Laura is happy!  Looks like we're starting from the first film too!

Love Jen


  1. I wonder if you can bolt your sewing machine to the table ?? Looking forward to seeing your sewing. Oh by the way 1000 pages in a day ? - that would take me three months -lol.

    1. I'm going to try Janine!!!!
      I look forward to seeing my sewing too!!! I know when i studied at Tafe, another lady who was in the year ahead of me and myself were the best sewers there at that time - so modest aren't I?
      1000 pages i know - total bookworm. Going to work full time has really cut into my reading time - at times I would read 3+ books a day! i have a shed full of books!

  2. Happy New Year JenS, and I hope it is a good one with plenty of enjoyment in your sewing :) Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog