Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I Went to Melbourne

Neale and I went to Melbourne last night by train (It's a 2 hour train trip) - I took today off work and we spent today wandering the streets. It's been over 2 years since I've been to Melbourne

After we had booked into the hotel (The Victoria on Little Collins St) we walked the Crown Casino.  It was a lovely night for walking.  We had tea in one of the many restaurants there.  We wondered through the casino - but I don't see the sense of it (mindless gambling) and it was sooo hot in there.
Neale calls me a wuss for not going to the Eureka Tower and experiencing the Skydeck - maybe next time we go to Melbourne?
Today Neale went to a couple of art galleries in Fitzroy, - one of his friends has her work being exhibited and one of Neale's images is in another exhibition. I decided to spend the time shopping in and around the CBD
I bought myself some clothes - would you believe from Target?  I go to Melbourne and get clothes from the same shop we have back home in Morwell!  Actually, they didn't have my size locally, so I'm happy. I bought 2 skirts and a pair of capri pants.
I was starting to get a little intimidated with clothes shopping - lots of shops and lots of gorgeous clothes and styles, but being  a larger size I'm very self conscious.
I wandered through Cleggs on Elizabeth St. and  saw some absolutely beautiful fabrics (with equally adorable prices!) I saw some gorgeous ponte knit - much nicer and more colours available than what there is in Spotlight locally.
Waltzed through Lincraft on Collins St - but didn't buy anything.  I have bags and boxes of fabrics at home that I should use at least several metres of that  - before buying more!

Decided to get a cartilage piercing done and wondered how long it would take Laura to notice it when I got back home - all of 30 mins!!  I've now got a slightly tender ear and an approx. 8 week healing time.

Found a cheap bookshop with most books priced at $5 each.  I bought 2 books there - so I'm all set for reading material this week - and not to mention I've still got 55 books unread on my Ipad!

We certainly got our exercise with all the walking we did today.  Decided to catch the 3.30pm train home as we were both feeling rather tired which was a good decision.
We should sleep well tonight!

Nighty night - have just looked at the clock and realised that I'll be getting up again in just over 6 hours!


  1. I love going to Melbourne but my family live there so I have a regular excuse. DId you get anything at Cleggs - they do have luscious fabric.

  2. Oh PS hope to see you at sewing group next year ???

  3. I love Melbourne also Janine - but no family there apart from a brother who lives in Croydon Hills. It's been 2.5 years sice i've been to the city. Neale and i are promising ourselves that we will go up more regularly. No, nothing bought at Cleggs - truly gorgeous fabrics though.
    Am hoping to get to the sewing group in the New Year now!!!

  4. Sounds like a very nice trip.. did you get to Tessuti's? I'm jealous that anyone could go there on a regular basis! We walked through the crown casino... once, a few years ago. It was hideous; literally hell on earth. But the restaurants along the river are absolutely lovely.