Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Totally Random Musings

I've got new glasses.  They took a little getting used to as they have multifocal lenses - but heavens, I can see clearer and better than before.  Hip pocket is still recovering from the pain of the cost of them though!

I have come to the sad realisation, that I am now the shortest in my family by 5cm or so - When did Laura get taller than me??

We're getting a new manager at work - he starts next Monday, but will have 4 days training in our Melbourne head office before he starts with us in Gippsland.  Unfortunately, our 2 part time employes will be made redundant in 2 weeks time.  Not good for them and a very increased workload for the 2 contract managers - and me!

Neale & I went out for tea last Sat. night at Qu Bah in Morwell.  Followed by the 8.30 session of "Skyfall"  the latest James Bond film.  Had a lovely meal and we both enjoed the film.

Neale turns 50 on Tuesday.  He tells me all the best things are turning 50 - Dr Who, James Bond, Rolling Stones etc!  We're taking the family out to tea at Qu Bah.  When you're onto a good thing - stick with it!

More patterns are coming my way - I tell you, it's an illness.  Neale is promising to clean up the kitchen table (full of his computers and stuff for his studies) in time for Christmas.  I'm laying claim to it after that - I need to sew.

At work last Friday, we neglected to lock up properly the back portion of our complex (major oops).  Would not have been too much of a problem, but Luigi (the goat) managed to get in through some broken corrugated (plastic?) sheeting at the back door - and spent the weekend inside our tearoom and laundry.  Oh what a mess he made - the floor was covered in his droppings, he ate all the apples on the bench - helped himself to the grain, chomped through some paperwork and then managed to shut himself in the laundry.  It's still a little stinky in there!

Have started walking again in the mornings - not too sure I'm really thrilled with getting up just before 5.30 am though

I love the music featured in the above promo for "Downton Abbey".  It's "She Wolf" by David Guetta and Sia.
Am looking forward to seeing more of  "Downton Abbey" - I've seen the first season, but watching it on commercial tv drove me nuts with all the commercial breaks. I'm hoping to buy the dvd shortly.


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