Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I've Got Purple Hair

Yes, you read that right!!!

I've been on annual leave from work since 4th March - 2 weeks leave - bliss!
I decided that I wanted/needed a haircut - as it's been 18  months since I had a haircut.  I wasn't intending to colour my hair - I actually like how it's greying, but whilst I was sitting there at the hairdressers I thought I'd get a colour as well.  I chose bright, vivid purple, and you know what?  I really like it!  My hairdresser also straightened my hair which is such a change as my hair is very frizzy, fine and curly.   I'm not sure If I can manage the time every day to straighten it - it's certainly a change for for me.
I have to go back to work next week - I work as an Admin Manager for a local cleaning company - don't now how the hair colour will go down with our new Manager - but it makes me happy!!
 I've been sewing - nothing to show - but I'm sewing (mending)!!  I've sewed on piles of buttons, replaced a zip in Laura's skirt, hemmed trousers - all the fun stuff.  it's a start!  I've got a few more trousers to hem and will do them tomorrow.
I've been an inspected the new Spotlight store in Traralgon -  It's huge!  Lots of fabrics, but not much in the way of knits at the moment.
I'm still buying patterns - hopelessly addicted to BMV and their sales!!  I received a  packet of 7 patterns yesterday and have another 6 on order from the discontinued sale.  Many of the ones on the discontinued list that I wanted weren't available - so EBAY to the rescue and I have another 5 coming from various sellers.
Can we say pattern addict??

My Dad turned 70 last week and on Sunday most of the family (my sister Gillian and her family were unable to make it)  traveled to Warragul for a meal at the Golf Club.  There were 26 of us there and we all had a lovely time and lovely meal.

I made it to the sewing group that Janine from Interrupted Sutures told me about some months ago.  I got to meet Janine and some other lovely ladies that share a passion for sewing.  Meetings are held the first Saturday of each month at the Rosedale Neighbourhood House.

Have been enjoying my time off from work - have done a little bit of cleaning - such fun!  Have tried in the past to get some cleaners from work to practice and train and practice in cleaning up my house  - but no takers!!!!!  Have done lots of washing - boy have i done washing! It has taken no time to dry - we've been experiencing heatwave conditions for nearly 2 weeks - the temperature not dropping below 30 degrees.  Unheard of temperatures for Autumn with lots of long standing weather records broken.  Thankfully, the cool change came through earlier today - hooray!!  I'm hoping to get a decent night's sleep tonight as night time temps have been so hot also.  Totally draining.  i did hear on the weather report that we've got more hot weather headed our way - drats!

It will be interesting in going back to work on Monday and find out what is going on.  There are 4 of us in the office, manager, me and 2 contract managers.  Denise, one of the contract managers has had loads of  problems with our Manager (he's new) and has given 4 weeks notice that she is taking her annual leave, long service leave and then resigning.  She's had enough and will finish at Easter.  Nathan, the other contract manager has also been given a very hard time and last I heard, he was seriously thinking his future.  I hope that our manager has a plan - way too much work for one person to do!  he's got 2 weeks to employ someone and have them trained etc.
Have done lots of reading whilst I've been off - what's new,  catching up on dvds and generally relaxing (and trying to keep cool).  I've planned ahead, and have already booking in my next lot of holidays - 2 weeks in September.  Only 6 months to go!

Neale my DH is quite excited.  One of his artworks has been selected for entry into a prestigious photographic competition in Queensland.  He's now planning on attending the opening early next month.

That's it for now,

Jen x


  1. I look forward to seeing your purple hair at the next meeting !
    Glad to hear you got some sewing done at least.
    In our awful heat wave I was trying to just sew two measly little buttonholes and my machine would not work properly - very frustrating aggravated by the heat I think I was starting to go crazy. Hubby took it to Melbourne to a sewing machine fixer extraordinaire and it is all OK now - but means no machine until Sunday so my lovely Japanese cotton will have to wait longer - oh well it has already waited three years . THanks for coming to the meeting and I really hope you come back - and bring your machine next time ! I am still so impressed you sewed without any pins - just amazing.

  2. you will have to tell us what you read as well ! I am reading The Lacuna by B. Kingsolver - loving it but I am a slow reader ( like everything else these days )