Saturday, 4 May 2013

Sewing Group

I made it to the Rosedale Sewing Group today and had a lovely time. Admittedly I did more talking and reading etc - no sewing for me.

You'd think that in the 2 months since the last meeting, I'd have been more organised, instead of racing around at the last minute trying to grab some things to take with me. 

Today I actually cut some thing out  - yay me!
I cut out OOP McCalls 5978.  I used a small piece of knit fabric I bought from Spotlight for $1- from the remnant bin.  I can't remember what the check I'm using is called and will post a picture of it later.  I didn't worry about matching the checks - didn't have enough material for that. I probably shouldn't have put the back piece on the fold - definitely couldn't see how aligned the checks were on the underneath side. When I was at Tafe we had to use full pattern pieces.
 I stopped by Spotlight on the way home and bought a metre of black cotton jersey knit to make the facings.

Whilst I was looking this morning,  I found a basket full of UFOs I'd cut out for Laura.  Unfortunately, they were cut out for her as a six year old and she's now 17!  Luckily I've still got a 3 year old niece who will now get to benefit.



  1. I`m glad you came. Hope you get the cardy done .

  2. Thanks Janine!!
    No sewing oday though - i have to fight for use of the kitchen table again. I should clean up the house - looks like a hurricane has gone through it! I hate cleaning and get so distracted very easily. Tes, i know i work for a cleaning company - but even i wouldn't hire me as a cleaner!!