Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Not much happening at all!!

Lots of reading, but that's pretty normal for me.   Laura is pretty disgusted that she saw me read 2 books over the weekend - didn't have the heart to tell her about the other books I had on my Ipad  and in the bedroom that I finished!  She wants me to read her, her Year 12 English books - so she doesn't have to!

My hair is no longer purple.  It's now what I'd call a black cherry - I've got a nail polish the same colour.  The packet said 'violet vision". I wouldn't say that's what it turned out to be, but  I quite like how it's turned out.

We're looking for a new Manager at work -  the previous Manager lasted just on 3 months.  He's now working out of Melbourne office and thankfully away from us.  My co-workers haven't resigned and or left - but it was a pretty close thing.  It was either him or them.  We're just left to deal with the fall out.
The ads have been running nearly a month - with only one applicant so far.

Like everyone else, I've been watching "The Great British Sewing Bee" on youtube and have been enjoying it.  Will watch the last episode tomorrow night.

Neale had his weekend away in Surfers Paradise where he attended opening night of the photographic comp he had entered.  No, he didn't win!!!  He regarded as an honour to have been chosen to have his work hung. He did ring me at work last night to say that another of his works has been selected to hang in a New York gallery.  Quite exciting.  He's not going to opening night for that one!!! (If he was, I'd be going too!)

Still working on the mending - it's never ending!  Have just picked up a layby last week - 2 more pair of trousers to hem. Plus the 3 pairs that Neale bought!

I managed to find nearly all the discontinued patterns I was after - very impressed.  Ebay, Etsy and the British BMV site "Sew Direct" to the rescue.  Tonight, I received in the mail the Colette pattern  "anise".  A very attractive jacket pattern that Lauren from Sewing Bee wore in the 3rd episode.

So looking forward to the public holiday on Thursday (Anzac Day) Nothing planned as yet.....



  1. Working on mending - now that would have to be my least favourite kind of sewing! So, when are you planning on sewing the Anise??? Looking forward to seeing it...J

  2. Hi Judith. I agree with you on the mending!! My usual trick was to leave it in the mending basket - by the time I got round to doing it, the kids had all outgrown the item and I didn't feel guilty in getting rid of it!! I'd love to make the Anise for my daughter - but don't think she's like it - not her style.. If I were to make it for me, it would need major alterations - I'm nowhere near the fitting largest size!