Monday, 12 August 2013

Sewing Room Update.

Not complete as yet!!

We spent a weekend cleaning up and out the 2 smallish rooms (i think each measures 2.1m x 2.5m an there is a wal and siding door that separates them.
Laura's new bedroom is now arranged just how she wants it and the weekend before last we bought her a desk, chair and drawing table. We hardly see her now!!!

Neale has patched, washed and sanded all the walls and has painted undercoat in the 2 rooms and is now masking off and getting ready to paint.  He bought a red paint (madeira red) for his study today and is now just cutting it in. I think he's wanting to get most of his room done before he flies out to  the USA.  It's looking  good, but will need several coats for good coverage.

I'm still trying to decide just what colour I want for my room.  I've seen some duck egg blue colours for the walls that look good and I want the window frame, door and skirting boards done in white. Decisions, decisions!!!
I'm planning on a large table (white) which is 2 metres long which will just fit in and will hold all my sewing machines and can be used as a cutting table.  I'm hoping to store all my patterns in plastic tubs underneath the table.
Unfortunately the shelving unit I wanted will not fit on the wall that I wanted - but will fit, just, if I take off the entry door.  I suppose I can live with that if I have too - means I've got to keep it clean!!!



  1. Sounds great ! Just let Neale know that if he doesn`t buy fabric from MOod he will be receiving a visit from a few ladies from Sewing Group .
    I have trained my daughter well - she bought she several pieces from Japan !

  2. Hi janine. I've reminded Neale again to stop by Mood and bring me back something/anything! He's having a good time, but found the jet lag pretty tough going. Glad to hear that your daughter is safely home from japan - that's where Laura would love to visit.