Friday, 3 February 2012

Week 4

I'm very pleased that I lost another 300gms this week.  So for the month of January, a total of 2.3kg.  I'm quite happy about that!
I don't notice any difference in my clothes and how they fit as yet - but that will come.
I bought 2 black ponti skirts the other week from Target.  One at mid calf length and one at knee length - they look good on.  I did buy a pair of high control top knickers to suck everything in and smooth out some lumpy bits - unfortunately, they were a size too small.  It's not pretty getting them on and then I discover, the knickers are actually a swimsuit bottom!!!  I really should start wearing my glasses when I go shopping.  Oh well, not too worry, I just need a tankini style top and I'm all set for the pool. 

Ultimately, I'm aiming for a Size 18 in pattern sizing - which I last wore about 17 years ago - gulp!  I suppose it took 17  years  to gain, it's going to take a little time to lose (but, hopefully, not 17 years!!)
I did lose 18kg about 18 years ago in 16 weeks - but that was on a very restricted diet.  My son Hadden, was diagnosed with severe food allergies as a baby and as I was breastfeeding him, I had to avoid everything he was allergic to.  Mind you, he was allergic to just about everything. Thankfully, he's outgrown a lot of the allergies, but he  still has quite a few to contend with.
Needless to say, once I stopped being so careful about what I could and couldn't eat, I  got complacent (and also another pregnancy) the weight crept back and stayed.



  1. Well done, you're doing brilliantly. Once you start to feel the results, in your clothes feeling looser, it's much easier to keep the momentum going. I totally sympathise; after decades of being a non driver and walking everywhere, I passed the driving test last year and put on a stone and a half (can't remember kilos!). Keep going!! BTW my brother lives and works at Hazelwood North, is that near you? What are you sewing at the moment?

    1. Thanks very much Gaylene for your support.
      Congrats on the driver's licence, but my sympathies to you on the weight gain. Sometimes, I think 'modern' life is sometimes too convenient.
      I'm finding the walking enjoyable.
      Yes, Hazelwood North is just a few minutes drive from home - in fact my town was supposed to be call Hazelwood when it was being planned in the very early sixties - until it was changed to Churchill in honour of Sir Winston. There was a referendum taken in the early 80's to see if there was support in changing the name - but the voting was close and it was kept as Churchill.
      Not sewing anything yet - despite my plans. Will have to wrestle the kitchen table back from my husband who has 2 computers and school work spread all over it again.

  2. I love the internet; it's so great to be able to share comments with like minded people all over the world! My sympathies with the table, as mine is covered with my husband's model lots of knitting instead.