Friday, 25 November 2011

Bits & Pieces

Son number 3 (Hadden is 18) went for and passed his driving test yesterday and we've hardly seen him since!
We're liking the fact that he can now drive himself to and from work at McDonalds in Morwell. No more late night pick ups for him.
Hadden sat his last Year 12 exam on Monday and has now finished high school. He is not planning on going to Uni or college(at the moment?) and is looking for work.
He will probably pick up more hours at McDonalds until he decides what he wants to do in the future.

 Laura is turning 16 in January and will be able to go for her Learner's permit then and then we'll have to take her for her 120 hours driving practice- which will take the 2 years to do!!!

Son number 2 (Morgan is 21) has flown to Queensland this morning for a holiday with his girlfriend and according to all reports, is liking it alot!

Son numer 1 (Thomas is 23) has just signed lease papers with 2 of his friends for a house in Morwell and is moving out on 5th December.
He's looking forward to that. Hadden will be moving into thomas's room and laura will have both her room and Hadden's.
They're both looking forward to that and have been dropping not so subtle hints to Thomas about moving out!
Originally, Hadden & and  Laura's rooms were originally one long and very narrow room which we divided to give both Hadden & and Laura a room each.
Soooo,  it's still several years away until i can have my own sewing room!! It's going to be so strange just having the four of us at home and 18 years since it last happened!

It's nearly Saturday again. Haven't got a great deal planned. Some housework, some Christmas shopping. I can't believe that Christmas is only 1 month away.
Where has this year gone?? I'm normally all finished with my shopping before now, but it kind of snuck up on me this year.

I'm hoping to make a start on my Butterick dress i mentioned in an earlier post this weekend.
I succumbed to the latest BMV sale earlier this week and now have 7 Vogue patterns now winging their way to me. I admit it, i'm weak!

I still have not received the speeding fine i've been expecting. I think i've been lucky and was flashed as a warning and have saved having to pay a hefty fine and possibly suspension of my licence. I've mentioned to quite a few friends what stretch of road i was flashed on and they all admitted that they tend to exceed the speed limit there also! Also a bit annoying that they changed the limit on that road a couple of years ago as for 2o+ years of driving on it at the higher limit - i forget that it's been changed.

I'm going to be an auntie again soon. My little sister Danielle is in hospital having her 3rd baby this evening. So very exciting. Danielle is going to be extremely busy with 3 children under 2 1/2 years.
12.35am  I'm an auntie again.  Harry Matthew was born yesterday at 11.20pm.  Both well.

Jen. (who is waiting for Hadden to get home - kids and cars, i worry like mad) 12.40am  Hadden now home - I can relax!  Apparently , he and his girlfriend had a road trip and drove to Krispy Kreme in Narre Warren which is just over an hours drive from home.


  1. Having children is just the start of your worry career - it never goes away . I also can`t believe it is almost christmas - I like to be really organised and have it all done by now so I don`t have to face those crowds but I have hardly anything this year put aside . I am moving house next year and will not have a sewing room then but am planning on my eldest daughter leaving home some time in the next 2 years to study in Melbourne - hope this plan doesnt go astray otherwise I will go crazy having to share a room with my husband ( I think he will too )

  2. Congratulations on the birth of your nephew! What an exciting time for the family!