Sunday, 13 November 2011

Laura's Dress

Well, I think I'm ready to start cutting and prepping for the dress tomorrow.  I've had the calico toile on and off Laura quite a few times now and apart from the length, she's happy with how it is looking so far - fingers crossed!! She wasn't too thrilled about being stuck with a couple of pins though - I wonder why!
I'm not sure that I've got the midriff band exactly right - I'm planning to interface that and the bodice back for more stability and I'm going ruche the lace on the band at the front - I'm hoping that will disguise any problems!
I bought all the fabric and lining fabric last week and I  picked up some smaller size boning  the other week.  I managed to escape work earlier that I usually do and made it to Spotlight in time.  Today I've picked up some black satin bias binding.  I'm not sure how I'm going to finish the edge of the lace over skirt but thought the bias binding might make a simple finish.

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