Sunday, 13 November 2011

Butterick 5488

I've decided on my next project and am wanting to get started with it - but after I finish Laura's dress!
I'm planning on sewing for myself Butterick 5488  - with the sleeves!

 I bought some floral, light weight satin  last week and got a bargain. I mistakenly asked for 2.50 metres, and seeing as it was nearly the end of the bolt, I got the extra and at 30% off - all up, 4 metres of material.  So enough left over to make a top also. I've still to buy some lining fabric, but won't be needing that for a little while yet.

Have taken this week off work and am so looking forward to the time off - but I know that I've got a busy 2 weeks of work when I go back as I will need to cover one of the supervisors as she is taking 2 weeks leave.  Am so not looking forward to that!  I did that job for 18 months (along with my other work)  before a supervisor was appointed and it drove me nuts! 

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  1. Such beautiful fabric, your dress is going to look stunning!