Saturday, 19 November 2011

I'm an addict .......

to nail polish and shoes!!!
It's sad, but true.

I had no interest in nail polish until 6 months ago.  Too much hassle, I always messed it up, but I saw  Shannon's posts on some of her manicures and blow me down, I've got a rather large collection of colours myself now and am having fun with them all. I've bought polishes from Rimmel, Cutex, Revlon, Australis, Sally Hansen and  Face of Australia. 

Now onto shoes - this addiction is a couple of years old now and shows no sign of abating.  Again, I had not that much interest in shoes - apart from making sure they were comfortable to wear.  I'm now finding myself buying all different kinds of shoes, some are so wildly impossible for me to wear, and I don't have much call for dressing up - but they sure are pretty!!!
I've been out of the habit of wearing heels for over 20 years now.  I used to be able to wear stilettos all day in  my first job as a bank teller, standing up all day, but definitely couldn't do that now. I'm lucky to have made 2 hours on Friday, when I went out shopping and boy, I'm feeling it in the legs and feet today!
There are several people I hold accountable to leading me astray with this one Erica, Carolyn (diary of a sewing fanatic - I couldn't get the link to work!)  and Debbie to just name a few.
I must admit I have a thing for black shoes - most of my collection are black.  Today's buy was a wedge heeled court (black) with a couple of straps across the toe.


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  1. Your daughter's dress is the previous post is just stunning, and she looks beautiful!! Black is beautiful on her!!
    Thanks for your comment; I had no idea Stitches had that planned, so it was news to me! ... I'm always a little surprised when I see people are reading my blog!