Tuesday, 15 November 2011


I found some pictures of dresses I have made for Laura in the past.

The dress I'm making is currently giving me fits, it's starting to take shape, but I'm now trying to reassure myself that I can sew.  I've stuffed up where the straps emerge from the bodice top, but now I'm just going to live with it.  It looks ok - but oh so glaringly wrong to me, but apart from that.......

about 4.00 hours later 

The lace dress is now starting to behave itself and I'm starting to feel somewhat relieved. It's even looking ok! Laura has been home from school and tried it on and is very happy - whew.  I'm now up to the skirts and will have to break out the overlocker - hopefully, I've left it threaded and with black.  What are my chances????

I've just dropped Laura off at the hairdressers where she is having her hair dyed - bright red.  She's certainly grown up since these photos were taken. The school formal is on Thursday - nothing like sewing at the last minute.

 Now on to some pictures.  I used to make her a special dress for Christmas and one for her birthday in January. I'm missing a few years , can't find them on the computer.  Neale might have used film for those ones and not digital.
As you can see, I had a thing for portrait collars and I know some of her earlier dresses had portrait collars also!!
The gold brocade grade 6 Graduation dress was the last dress I made her and to be honest, I haven't done too much sewing since then -  I made nearly all of Laura's clothes from when she was a  toddler to about 2005 - when she wanted bought clothes like her friends. I've kept all the dresses though.
Laura's 8th Birthday 2004
Grade 6 Graduation 2007 aged 11

Laura's 5th Birthday 2001

Laura's 7th Birthday 2003
Christmas 2000 aged 4 years
Christmas 2002 aged 6 years

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  1. Laura looks so pretty and cute in all the lovely dresses you have made for her - these are photos to treasure!