Tuesday, 1 November 2011

It's begun!

I have started Laura's dress!!  Sometimes, I amaze myself!

I took yesterday off work as an annual leave day, and today, being a public holiday here in Victoria for the running of the Melbourne Cup - I 've got a very nice 4 day weekend.  Woo hoo!

I've commandeered the kitchen table from Neale - he's got all his school work, notes, books, general mess and computer spread all over it.  Packed it all into a box for him too!  Neale, not content with 1 Masters degree, is currently studying his second - this one is Master of Fine Arts (1/2 way through now - and after that, the doctorate! - I'm never going to get my kitchen table back!!!)

I measured Laura up the other night and decided to make a size 16. Have told Laura to ignore the number - what we're going for is a dress that fits. Heavens, I wish I'd listen to my own advice!
I traced off the pattern yesterday which brings me to the fact, that I absolutely loathe tracing patterns!  With the cost of patterns here in Australia ranging from $10-00 through to $30, they're too expensive to cut up. Although, I'm now buying Butterick, McCalls and Vogue patterns direct from the BMV site when they have a sale on.  I can get 7 patterns at a time for approx. $50-00.  Bargain.  Am looking forward to my next order, that should be arriving at the end of the week - too easy!

I'm doing a toile first, so have cut it all out in calico.  My sewing instructors from college would be horrified that I used pins to pin down the pattern and not weights and traced it etc.  Bad Jenny!.  Have sewn up the front bodice and it's fitting quite well - will need to take in a little gape dart, but that's an easy fix to the pattern. Laura is somewhat relieved that so far, it's looking ok - apart from the skirts.  I cut them long for the toile and she wants mid thigh for the underskirt and the lace overlay a few inches longer, and was quite concerned that it wasn't going to be right.

It's going to be a very interesting look that she's going for.  She tells me that she's not a girly girl.  I can't remember the name of the styling/trend that she likes.  Anyway, she's going to dye her hair bright red - well the hairdresser is as she doesn't like the home rinses that she has already put through her beautiful blonde hair and also wants a shaggy looking (to me) style cut - aaarrgghh!  Not to mention the shoes, I thought a nice ballet flat, seeing as she doesn't like heels, but no, it's black lace up, knee high, imitation Converse.  Very individual to say the least!

Will need to go into Spotlight a little later on - I need some zips and boning.  I think they're open on a Public Holiday.  Generally they are, they usually work Sunday hours.

More later...


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