Friday, 18 November 2011

Ta Da!!!

17/11/11 Laura aged 15

Here are the pictures of Laura taken just before she went out to her Year 10 school Formal.  She had a great time and was awarded for being  "The Most Individual".  As you can see, she changed her mind about the shoes!  The photo on the right is a very low res image - I just nicked them from Neale's Facebook page! If you click on the photo to view, it appears ok though?
I've been into Morwell this afternoon and have bought some ecru "Sunsilky"lining fabric for my dress which I plan to start shortly.  Neale has made mention he wants the kitchen table back for his computer, school books, school work, to study at  etc. No way I say - it's mine again!!!
Oh for a bigger house with a little more space.


  1. Your finished dress looks lovely - no wonder your daughter is happy - she is really growing up !