Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012 to all.

I saw the New Year in last night!
The last few years I've gone to bed early, but I managed to stay awake this year.
I kicked off the night by watching on tv "The Edinburgh Millitary Tattoo" my traditional New Year's Eve entertainment. Laura wasn't too thrilled about it! It was just a quiet night at home with the three of us - just watching tv, eating cheese and bikkies and drinking sparkling wine (Great Western - Brut Reserve!)
Hadden had been called in to work a shift at Maccas and after he came home, he went out to a party at a friend's place.
Wouldn't have a clue as to what the older 2 (Thomas &  Morgan) got up to - they don't live at home now.


Ok - I should just copy and paste what I wrote for 2011!!! It's pretty much the same.

To sew more than one dress this year - hey at least I sewed something!
I suppose it comes down to prioritising and making time for what is important to me. I used to sew on a daily basis up until 2007 and since then, not much has happened.
Mind you, it hasn't stopped me buying books/patterns/magazines etc!

To lose weight - eat healthier - become healthier - to be slim, taut and terrific! Ok, Im fantasising about the last bit, but Í need to continue with the weight loss for my own health. I started back walking this morning - approx 5km before breakfast, so am feeling quite pleased and very virtuous. I loaded up my Ipod with an audio book "Fabric of Sin" by Philiip Rickman - so quite a few hours of listening until that book is done. I plan to walk later this evening again when the temp has cooled - it's now over 30 degrees. (hey, I need to know what is happening in the story!)


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  1. thanks for your comment . Your husband is a darling to cart all that fabric for you . I stayed up until midnight as well but only because my eldest daughter had some friends over and they were being noisy !
    I look forward to seeing your sewing this year - I am very impressed that you studied drafting et etc.