Sunday, 1 January 2012

Christmas Aftermath

I meant to write this post a couple of days ago - but just didn't quite make it!

On Sunday lunch, we had the McDougall family Christmas at a restaurant in Traralgon.  It was great that the entire family was there.  I think it's only at Christmas that we all get together now.

It was a busy lead up to Christmas for us.  We attended Hadden's Year 12 Graduation Dinner on Monday 19th December and had a lovely meal. Hadden is pleased to be finished with high school and has no intention of going on to Uni or college at the moment and just plans to work at McDonalds whilst looking for full time work.  I'm hoping that in the future, he'll change his mind about further education though.'

Had a totally sleepless night Tuesday night - as we discovered that Hadden had an accident in his car - thank heavens he's ok, the car survived albeit a little bruised/battered and scratched on the front bumper (the bonnet is now not sitting flush either).  He was driving home from a friend's place in Mirboo North when he came around a corner only to find a wombat strolling across the road - he swerved to miss the thing, but he lost control of the car on the gravel road and veered into a dirt embankment.  Thankfully, he wasn't going fast as he could easily have gone off the road into a tree or flipped the car. I was so worried and scared of what might have happened - especially as he was driving on a back road with not much traffic at night/early hours of the morning.
Needless to say he was very quiet on Wednesday and thankfully he wasn't injured at all and the wombat lives to wombat another day!

Wednesday at work, we held a BBQ for employees for which about 40 people turned up to. We were quite pleased with the turnout as we have over 200 employees on our books, but we cover all of Gippsland  - so some vast distances involved .  In the evening was the staff do - we went to a Japanese restaurant in Traralgon and had a banquet meal at the teppanyaki  (sp?) bar.  So much fun.  I skipped the offerings of seafood (yuk!) and mushrooms (yuk again!), but everything else was lovely.  The chefs were great and very entertaining with one of the chefs juggling knives, utensils.  They had us play games where they would start flinging food eggs, omelet and bowls of rice where you would have to catch it.  What an experience!

I practically ran out of work at 5-00pm on Friday 23rd.  I'd taken the 3 work days off after Christmas so don't return to work until 3rd January.
Saturday was spent cleaning and a little cooking and watching dvds etc

Christmas day was lovely.  I cooked a fantastic meal (modest, aren't I ??)  of roast beef with steamed veg, honeyed carrots and with a  sweet potato, potato and spinach bake - followed by a lemon cheesecake. In the afternoon, we went to see Neale's family.  We left to come home because of the worsening weather- lots of rain and storms predicted, but thankfully we missed the worst of it. Had just watched the dvd of "twister" on Saturday, so probably not the best film to have watched when we started seeing the weather reports on Christmas Day!

After that has been Christmas Recovery - ate too much, drank too much etc. 
Started cleaning out Hadden's old bedroom - which set off my allergies.  So thursday was pretty much a blur - took a tablet which seem to knock me out for the day!

Have done lots of reading since Christmas Day - about 8 books at last count.  I'm currently reading "Lionheart"by Sharon Kay Penman and "The Scottish Prisoner"by Diana Gabaldon.  I'm trying to buy most of my books as ebooks now from Amazon - they're cheaper than from the bookshop and dept. store and don't take up storage space.  I have soooooooo many books!  Neale threatens that they'd make a good bonfire.



  1. Glad your son is OK - scary.
    Yes I think you are entirely justified in buying more fabric.
    Book reading sounds good - it is too stinking hot for anything else. I got a kindle for xmas but my husband downloaded Anna Karenina and a couple of self sufficiency books so I dont think I`ll be using it too soon. I am reading Matthew Reilly - Contest - totally the opposite kind of book my husband is reading. I also told him what your husband did with your fabric so he is forwarned and hopefully wouldnt dare do the same thing.

  2. Glad your son is OK - that is scary.
    I think you are fully justified in buying more fabric. - I told my husband about your experience so he is forewarned not to try this stunt.
    Book reading sounds good - It is too stinking hot to do anything. You are quick though - I am reading Contest by Matthew Reilly - very easy but fun to read.