Sunday, 22 January 2012

Week 2 & Week 3

Week 2

I lost a whopping 100 grams for this week - A little bit disappointing, but that averages out to just under a kilogram for each week, so not too bad!

Week 3

Still walking nearly every morning and evening (well except for this weekend) so just about 2 hours of brisk walking a day, eating lots of salads, no lollies, sweets etc and I lost another whopping 100grams!  To say I'm a little peeved is an understatement!! 
I'm now telling myself that I'm building muscle and that weighs more!!!
I must admit that the aches and pains from the walking have disappeared and I do enjoy the time to myself - but getting up so early in the morning is the pits.
Oh well, I hope that at the end of week 4 I'll have more to report that a loss of 100 grams though!

Have had a very quiet weekend - felt so tired yesterday and did not much except read and doze.  Today, we took Laura to work and Neale and I went out to lunch at my favourite cafe, followed by a spot of window shopping and grocery shopping and more reading. Didn't need to cook tea as we were so full from lunch.
Once I start reading I just don't stop and have read 5 books this weekend!

Only 4 days of work this week as Thursday is a public holiday for Australia Day - I'm already looking forward to it!



  1. Well done, they say that slow and steady is the best way. I'm from Lang Lang, but live in the UK, so am going to make lamingtons to take into the office on Thursday, since they won't let me take the day off!

    1. Hi Gaylene, Thanks for your comment.
      I know that slow and steady is the way to go - but I'd prefer it not to be at a glacial pace!
      Wow, you are a long way from home - where abouts in the UK are you and what do you do?
      I'd love to visit the UK - one day I'll get there!
      I love lamingtons - who doesn't? Hope that you have a great day on Thursday - and that your workmates appreciate the lamingtons!