Monday, 2 January 2012

What Cheeses Me Off!

I was in Target last Friday only to see this sign plastered all over the shop.  The part that really cheeses me off is that if you still want to buy summer clothing/shoes etc - you're out of luck because all the winter clothing will be stocked in the next couple of weeks.  The thing is, Summer just kicks into gear right about now and we've still got several months of quite hot weather  to endure and frankly, I'm not even ready to consider winter garments-buying or sewing!
I know there is a rationale behind it all, but it is still  annoying.  By the time I'm ready to want some heavier clothing  - that's also on sale, to make way for the next season of summer gear - and all the good stuff is gone!!

Today, as well as the last couple of days has been really hot - with more of the same for tomorrow ! I've got to go back to work tomorrow and am so not looking forward to that.  it's going to take several days to catch it all up and find out what was done/not done and happened whilst I was on leave.

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