Wednesday, 7 September 2011

School Formal Dress

My 15 year old daughter has asked me to make her, her dress for the year 10 school formal - to be held in October (I think!).
She saw a dress on Ebay some time ago, but it wasn't sold in her size.  I went shopping in Spotlight yesterday and found a couple of patterns, that I thought would meet her specifications and a couple of swatches of black lace.
She has decided on
with a few modifications and has chosen black chantilly lace, which I'll need to get some more ordered in as there is not enough left on the bolt in the shop.  The dress is to be black with a black lace overlay and I think she's planning to wear long lace up converse's if she can find them!!
I'll need to take her measurements - she's grown just a little since I made her last dress for her grade 6 graduation, 4 years ago!  Will definitely be making a toile to check fit and to test my sewing as it's probably been that long since I've sewed anything!


  1. Good luck with your daughter's dress, and thank you for your comment! The crocheted dress you referred to was designed by (Australian) designers Romance was Born, and I referenced it in my original post on my own skirt. I find their designs to be uber inspirational!

  2. Hi Jen, You are right our blogs do look the same. That fabric you asked about is still sitting in my stash unfortunately. I have been having trouble leaving a comment on your blog so I tried doing it anonymously to see if that will work. Regards, Julie

  3. Hi Jen, I don't know why it will only work when I select anonymous! The design you have chosen for your daughters dress looks lovely. I am sure she will love it when you finish it. Can't wait to see the blog post... Julie