Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Neale's Blanket

Earlier this year, I discovered Lucy's blog Attic 24  Lucy crochets the most amazing and colourful blankets and writes about her young family and all their doings. 

Anyway, I thought I'd buy some wool to crochet and thought I'd make something small.  I'd been taught to  crochet when I was younger - nothing very fancy though, just your basic granny square etc.
Then I decided I'd crochet a blanket for my husband Neale. Forget small!!
I bought a varigated wool (definitely not 'real' wool!)  from Big W in Morwell and started, and went at a cracking pace. I think it took just over 2 months to crochet. I wanted something I could sit and do at night whilst watching tv and have something to show for my time.
It was a very simple design, just trebles and chain.  Committed a huge sin and combined I think it was 3 different dye lots, but I figure it being a varigated wool, I thought  it wouldn't be as noticeable. I decided to edge the blanket with he green wool and I think it turned out quite well. 
It's rather big - double the size pictured and fits our queen bed.  I've still got all the ends to darn in - minor detail!
Now, all my 4 kids have requested blankets as well!


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