Friday, 4 January 2008

New Years Resolutions


Well it's now 4 days into 2008 and I finally manage to to pry nearly 15 year old son off the computer-so I could have a go!

My New Year was very quiet-I packed up and went to bed at 10-30 pm and left the rest of the family to see in the New Year!

Anyway onto resolutions for this year.

* To sew.

I'd like to get started on sewing more clothes for darling daughter.
I used to make nearly all her clothes up until I decided to go to college in 2003 (I studied fashion) and then didn't have time to sew for her.
Although she is nearly 12 (next week), she is quite happy for me to sew for her.
I also can't stand the rubbish that is available for her age group in the local department stores and figure that I could do a much better job, both stylewise and costwise.

* To use up my fabric stash - or at least make some inroads into it!

Now this one is a biggie-as I have piles and piles of material stored in the house, the garage and shed in the backyard.
I really have to start reducing this collection of fabric.
I'm quite sure that it has aged sufficiently now!!

* To continue on with pattern drafting.

Well that's definitely enough resolutons to go on with for this year.

All the best,


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