Friday, 13 March 2015


i've been mending this week.  Sometimes I amaze myself!!!

Monday was a public holiday, so i put it to good use!!  I kind of remember telling my husband to 'suffer' -as he left for work.   The  university he works at doesn't get the public holiday - he will get 2 1/2 days paid annual leave over Christmas though.   I read 2 books and then thought i'd better get moving and make a start on the mending.  I'm easily distracted!

I mended a t-shirt for Thomas (minor detail that I'd had it a year to do!), I mended a pair of denim capri pants ( popped the stitching beside the fly - which kind of tells me that they were a little too tight to wear ), a blouse, a cardigan, another t-shirt, a pair of shorts, a skirt of Laura's and coverstitched the hems on 2 more tshirts.  I set up my coverstitch machine which i bought  xx years ago and had never used and it worked beautifully.  I did have to google a tutorial on how to release  the fabric from the machine - I'd forgotten!!!

Totally loved the idea of a 4 day working week - should happen every week!!!                                               I was really looking forward to my next lot of annual leave which I was planning to take straight after Easter.  17 days off for only 9 days out of my annual leave allocation ( i'm counting the weekends and public holidays as well) - until our branch manager informed me that he had tendered his resignation and he was finishing up the Thursday before Easter.  Yep, looks like my leave will be cancelled - major bummer!! Interesting times ahead  for us at work - again.

Laura left to go back to Melbourne to University 2 weeks ago She has swapped unis and enrolled in a different course.  She completed the first year of Game Design last year at RMIT but discovered that she didn't like it.  She applied and was accepted at Deakin Uni and is now doing a double degree in Secondary Teaching and Art.


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