Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014 to Everyone!

I've had a relaxing day today and totally enjoyed the fact that I did not have to go to work.
I managed to sleep in - bliss.  Have read several books also.  Neale and I went to the cinema this afternoon and we saw the latest Hobbit movie, which I loved.
I planned to go for  walk this afternoon, but it has rained all day and I'm not keen on walking in heavy rain  - I even prepared and downloaded a pile of audible books to listen to whilst walking.

Christmas was a quiet one just spent with my family.  I made it home from work a little earlier than normal, and then Neale and I cleaned up the lounge room and kitchen - everything got thrown/placed in my sewing room.  I've nearly managed to get it all cleaned up again!

Laura went camping at Seaspray the weekend before Christmas with a group of friends - Neale and I worried.  Even more so when we received a text from her to say that she had hurt her arm, but she'd live.  Anyway, she arrived home on Sunday afternoon - her arm was very sore and swollen and  Neale took her to the hospital and it turns out that she's fractured her wrist and is now in a 1/2 cast.  It's her right arm as well!  We'd hope to take her out for driving lessons to build up her required hours, but that has been put on hold until she's now out of the cast.  She's a trifle annoyed that she can't do her art and that she can't play the playstation she got for Christmas!
I can't believe that with our 3 boys - all they managed to break between them was a little finger, and this broken arm no. 3 for Laura!

I made a trip to Spotlight last Sunday and managed to pick up 6 patterns and some lengths of material.  The patterns were 3 for $10-00 and the material was 40% off.


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